Bible Journaling Supplies Guide

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Looking for Bible journaling supplies?

The Bible Journaling Supplies Guide, is here to simplify your selection process of Bible journaling supplies, and help you find the best Bible journaling supplies, for a creative journey with God, for you and your loved ones!

I regularly get requests for advice on choosing Bible journaling supplies and this guide is my answer to all the questions. Browse my recommendations of Bible journaling supplies for you and your friends! I keep this guide up-to-date, add new Bible journaling supplies and new features too! Consider subscribing below, to be the first to know when this free guide get updates you might want to know about! Have fun browsing and come back often!

Let’s be honest, browsing Bible journaling supplies is a lot of fun! But, the heart behind this guide is to make it possible for you to learn what you need and order supplies without getting distracted or overwhelmed by the decisions. I want you to get going on spending time in the Word and being transformed by it. May you encounter Jesus through creativity, as you use what you find here!

Bible Journaling Supplies Guide Categories

Get started browsing Bible journaling supplies categories that matter to you most. Acrylic Paints, Bible journaling books, Bible Study Resources, Colored Pencil, Gelatos, Inktense, Journaling Bibles & Art Journals, Page Prep, Pencil & Tracing, Pens & Markers, Stamping and Watercolor Products. More categories will continue to be added to The Bible Journaling Supplies Guide, so keep coming back! Learn which supplies I recommend in these key categories of Bible journaling supplies.

Click any category, to jump to its section, or simply scroll.

Bible Journaling Supplies Acrylic PaintsAcrylic Paints For Bible Journaling

Acrylic paints are great for scraping a little color background onto your Bible journaling entry, or to paint an image in the margin of your Journaling Bible. The brand and type you use, is the difference between your pages sticking and covering Bible text, or being a beautiful addition to your creative time with God.

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Bible Journaling BooksBible Journaling Books

From Bible journaling tutorial and resources books, to color books designed to help you connect with God through creativity, these Bible journaling books are worth checking out.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Bible Study ResourcesBible Study Tools

Bible journaling should always start with studying the Word. I’ve collected tools and resources which will help you Bible study, as you get ready to start creating in the Word.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Colored PencilColored Pencils For Bible Journaling

Colored pencils are not all created equal and some brands and styles of colored pencils lend themselves to being better for Bible journaling. I want to show you what I recommend and the options you have, plus tools for colored pencil Bible journaling.

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Bible Journaling Supplies GelatosGelatos For Bible Journaling

Gelatos are a unique product which can be blended dry, onto your Bible journaling entries, or scribbled on a piece of plastic before applying a damp brush to start coloring in your Bible. No other product is like it and the best part is, its’ range of colors are shaped like chapstick!

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Bible Journaling Supplies InktenseInktense For Bible Journaling

Inktense is a unique product created by Derwent, which is often mistaken as watercolor. Inktense is ink which has been dried and formed into either pencils, or blocks. Because Inktense is an ink, it is permanent, which means its easier to work with than watercolor and great for protecting against spills in your Bible. See my recommendations for Inktense.

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Journaling Bibles and Art JournalsJournaling Bibles & Art Journals

Learn which Journaling Bibles and art journals I recommend for creative time with God. Every budget and personal taste has been considered and I’m sure you’ll find what’s right for you at this time.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Page PrepPage Prep For Bible Journaling

Once people gain a bit of confidence with their Bible journaling, they begin looking for ways to “add more” to their Journaling Bible pages. I get A LOT of questions about how and what to prepare a Bible page with, in order to allow whatever art supplies I use, to not “bleed through” to the back of the thin pages, or to simply make the pages stronger for creativity. Learn about my recommendations for page prep.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Pencil and TracingPencil & Tracing For Bible Journaling

Drawing and tracing are where Bible journaling often starts with me. So, we could say pencil and tracing tools are key to Bible journaling. I have a few favorite products for drawing and tracing, which make each Bible journaling entry, get off to the right start.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Pens and MarkersPens & Markers For Bible Journaling

Pens and markers are a must for Bible journaling. You can use pens to journal notes, sketch simple illustrations and add finishing touches to artistic designs. See which pens and markers I recommend for Bible journaling.

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Stamps and Stamping for Bible JournalingStamping For Bible Journaling

If you want to have beautiful images and special sentiments to color in your Journaling Bible, you don’t have to know how to draw or letter. Stamping for Bible journaling is the place many start after buying a Journaling Bible. I have a few favorite products for stamping, which make Bible journaling stamping a simple success and you’ll also find my recommendations for good quality stamps you’ll love.

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Bible Journaling Supplies Watercolor ProductsWatercolor Products For Bible Journaling

Watercolor is a favorite of mine! You might be surprised to know that watercolor comes in a number of shapes and formats and I think you’re sure to find one right for you, in this watercolor products section.

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