Freedom For You & Me

Freedom For You & Me

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Loading...​ I was reflecting over the weekend. It was Veteran’s Day in America and Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom.

Freedom For Others

Many in our community have served your country. Or, you have family members who do or have served. Some as a whole career of service. I am so grateful for those who lay down their lives for the freedom of others. AND… for those who wear the burden of it all at home in their absence.

I am grateful to say that in times of war, my family have served in the military to help support the efforts when asked. I’ve got the accordion camera my grandpa used to photograph his time at war, as he drove a general around in the front lines of WWII in Germany.

Some families serve their country for generations, for the cause of freedom in true acts of patriotism and bravery. For that I am grateful.

My own family has served in a different capacity for generations. On one side of my family, I am the 4th generation in full time Christian ministry. On the other side of my family, I am the 5th generation in full time Christian ministry. Most of my family have served in full time ministry for generations and all of those in my direct line of ancestry. My parents served together on church staff most of my life and my dad continues to. His parents and grandparents were in itinerate ministry at a global scale. My mom’s parents were pastors and after my grandma died, he re-married and became a missionary to Mexico for the rest of his life. I’m grateful for a rich heritage in the ways of God.

Truth be told though, none of them convinced me to follow their path. At just 3 1/2 years old, I had a radical encounter with God in the night that marked me for Him. I hid it in my heart for decades and I treasure that as the time I met God for the first time. I wanted to be in full time ministry from the time I was a child. I used to tell my childhood friends that I was going to be a missionary to America. They’d laugh and tell me, “You can’t be a missionary to your own country!”. Little did any of us know I’d grow up, move abroad and marry a Brit before starting this art ministry, in which the largest group I serve are Americans.

Freedom For Me

Anyway… while I was growing up my family and I encountered some tricky stuff. When I was 12 years old, my mom went on bed rest while pregnant with my sister. That’s when I learned how to not just help with cooking, but be the family cook. My sister then had her skull removed at just a few weeks old and again at 18 months, with more surgeries over the years to support her. It wasn’t anyone’s fault and she was a real trooper through it all. We lived in survival mode for years and I had a front-row seat on how my parents dealt with it all.

Despite the challenges, my mom found moments to continue teaching crafts to myself with women in our church as I grew up. Name any craft and I’ve probably helped people learn it. Literally. One of them is how to carve your own stamps, (which is super easy and fun!).

My grandma, (dad’s mom), was a professional fine artist who would drag me around to galleries and all manner of art installations to teach me how to appreciate the creativity around us. She’d often swiftly stop at the side of the road and pull us kids from the car to appreciate a monument and speculate what it meant. She created her own fair share of bronze sculptures along with the oil paintings and murals she was known for. In those days, I think I took it for granted in some respects, despite enjoying it. Now… my husband is hard-pressed to walk past a gallery which I don’t want to stand in for hours.

In my early 20’s my mom passed away after a hard battle with cancer. After spending time helping my family recover, I went to ministry school where I met my British husband. I sold everything and moved abroad when we got married. Soon after, the stress of the previous seasons caught me by the heels and my health collapsed.

I used to lay in bed with a little watercolor, brush and journal to “paint my heart out”. I would lay before God, all that was weighing on me. The art wasn’t meant to mean anything to anyone. It was meant to release something to God. It was a sacrifice of praise in my wilderness.

I knew better than to thank God FOR hardship (because He is the author of GOOD, not bad). I also knew that thankfulness in spite of my hardship was a key to moving forward. So, I poured my heart out verbally and creatively.

In time, God put it on my husbands heart to take to me to a conference. He literally spent about 3 hours getting me out of bed, down the stairs and into the car so he could take me. It was a 45 minute drive that felt brutal to my weary body. Getting out of the car and into the building was equally laborsome. But God showed up on my behalf. I was dramatically healed that day after prayer. The doctors were astonished at my overnight recovery and told me to “get on with my life”. So… I did… I started this ministry!

If you want to read my story about that healing, you can find it here:

Honestly… I didn’t get a free pass to healing in a moment. It was something my heart was ready for. I’d positioned my life and heart to receive what God had for me. Eventually, I got so many questions about what had transpired, that I created a course to share how you can also prepare yourself for God to show up in your hour of need like He did for me. It’s called ‘Thanks Giving Breakthrough’.

A few years after I started the ministry, I ended up having a bad head injury after something fell on me while settling in after a move. While recovering, I ended up with a second head injury after tripping on a broken curb and slamming my forehead into the pavement. This season was added to further by other personal complications, which I’ve shared about in this YouTube video:

This time when I needed healing from head injuries, I didn’t get that dramatic overnight healing. Instead I got the support of medical professionals, (which is not a second-rate healing). And, I leaned on all I’d learned from God and have taught in my course, Thanks Giving Breakthrough. The keys I shared in the course were still as relevant as ever and really carried me through my recovery of this past season.

Freedom For You

Perhaps you can relate to my journey in some way?

If you’d like to step into breakthrough, (aka freedom)… I’m your gal. I’ve realized now more than ever how important my course is in helping others lean into freedom. My assistant and I have been working a couple weeks (between my internet outages) to make it ready to purchase again. I’m ready to help more people get breakthrough in their hour of need like I’ve experienced! I’m super excited to share the course with you soon. Pop into the wait list if you wanna learn more about it when the doors open!

Join the wait list for my Thanks Giving Breakthrough course:

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