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Bible Journaling StampingStamping

If you want to have beautiful images and special sentiments to color in your Journaling Bible, you don’t have to know how to draw or letter.

Stamping for Bible journaling is the place many start after buying a Journaling Bible. I have a few favorite products for stamping, which make Bible journaling stamping a simple success and you’ll also find my recommendations for good quality stamps you’ll love.


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Stamps Brands For Bible Journaling Stamping

There are lots of brands and companies which offer stamps which you can use for Bible Journaling. Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite brands who offer a wide range of good quality stamps. Some are exclusively faith based and others have a few Christian themed stamps while the majority will give you a wide range of stamps to jumpstart your creative stamping inspiration for Bible journaling.

I recommend you purchase either “clear acrylic”, or “cling rubber” stamps for the best experience in your Journaling Bible. You can see right through clear acrylic to help you position the stamps and cling rubber stamps can often have more detailed designs. View the next section to find stamps by themes I recommend considering for Bible journaling projects. Consider if you can imagine a few different instances to use the stamp(s) you’re considering, to maximize benefit with your stamp budget.


Themed Stamps For Bible Journaling Stamping

The stamps I get the most use for in my Journaling Bibles are alphabet stamps (to spell out my own phrases), and stamps which could be used for multiple purposes such as musical, floral, nature, or similar. Below are some themes which are great for stamping in your Journaling Bible.

If you consider buying an Alphabet stamp set, keep in mind that most Journaling Bibles have a 1.75-2 inch margin width and the average word needs about 5 letters across. So, read the product details on alphabet letter widths to consider how many letters wide you’ll have space for in your particular Journaling Bible.

View the rest of this page for info about tools, platforms, inks and more for Bible journaling stamping.


Tools & Platforms For Bible Journaling Stamping

Clear acrylic stamps and cling rubber stamps both need to be removed from their packaging and stuck to an acrylic block or stamp platform, before you ink it up and apply to your Journaling Bible page. The acrylic blocks below are my favorite due to the thickness which gives your hand space to grip while you apply to your page straight on, (without your fingers getting in the way).

The MISTI Stamp tool brought innovation to stamping, allowing stampers to apply a stamp to a “lid” which can be inked and reapplied repeatedly to ensure a full ink impression. There are many similar stamp platforms on the market and I’ve linked to my favorites below.


Inks For Bible Journaling Stamping

You can have a lot of inks but you can achieve a lot with only black, white and clear. The Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black is the one ink I’d never be without and is perfect for just about any project and on any stamp. The Tsukineko VersaFine Onyx Black ink is useful for stamps with fine details. Hero Arts have the best white pigment ink on the market(which is not transparent), called Hero Hues Unicorn.

The Tsukineko VersaMark Watermark Clear ink pad is fantastic if you want to branch out of simply stamping ink impressions and instead need a temporarily sticky ink that’ll dry clear for all your embossing ideas.

If you want to have color options, you can’t go wrong with the Ranger Archival Ink pads (permanent once dry), in an incredible range of colors. If you want to do Bible journaling stamping with Distress Inks (which are water based), you’ll have a wide range of colors to choose from… just keep in mind that they are not permanent once dry, so they can re-wet and they also do not dry on most page prepped surfaces.


Cleaners For Bible Journaling Stamping

If you want to look after your stamps and tools so they last a long time, these are my go to cleaners. The Novus product is for cleaning the plastic of a stamping platform.

Don’t be alarmed when your stamps stain the color of your inks… this is normal and will not harm them. I follow the Tim Holtz stamp “priming” method prior to first use, by applying Jet Black Archival Ink to the surface of the stamps and letting them dry fully before cleaning. This helps enhance their stamping impression capabilities.

Click on each product to learn a bit about how they work and if they are right for your situation.


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