The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible
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Journaling Bible Guide

Looking for a new Journaling Bible?

This free Journaling Bible guide, will simplify your selection process and help you find the perfect Journaling Bible for a creative journey with God, for you and your loved ones!

This Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible is the most comprehensive of any on the market, helping you easily select from all of the 100+ Journaling Bibles on the market, with recommendations and simple cross reference capabilities… even video reviews! Learn which Bible translation is best for your creative journey with God. Find your options for buying on a budget, or selecting an heirloom. View Journaling Bibles which are large print, red letter and more. Find Journaling Bible options for the child, teenager, or man in your life. Even find recommended art journals if you’re not quite ready to create inside a Bible. This complete Journaling Bible guide is regularly updated. May you encounter Jesus through creativity, as you use what you find here.


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Advice on Choosing A Journaling Bible

Find A Journaling Bible

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Use the Things To Consider section, to help you learn what you feel is negotiable or non-negotiable in choosing a Journaling Bible. My free checklist in that section, will help you easily assess what matters most to you, so you don’t get bogged down in unnecessary choices. I encourage you not to skip this section as it may greatly reduce the time it takes for you to choose a Journaling Bible. You can also learn which translation is best for your creative journey with God and what my favorite Journaling Bibles are.


 Things to Consider When Choosing a Journaling Bible 

Journaling Bible Checklist GraphicI understand that sometimes choosing a Journaling Bible can feel overwhelming without direction.

Start with your free Checklist For Choosing A Journaling Bible in this section. It will help you easily understand what is negotiable or non-negotiable to you, in choosing a Journaling Bible, so you can focus on what matters and pick a winner quickly.

I’ll also go over a few helpful things in this section, which you may want to know when choosing a Journaling Bible. Such as buying on a budget, or investing in an heirloom Bible and even what a Journaling Bible is and is not. And lastly, a couple important things to know when selecting a Journaling Bible.

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Understand and Choose a Bible Translation

You might have grown up around Bibles, but want to understand them a bit better. Or maybe this is all new to you. Perhaps you simply don’t know where to begin choosing which Bible translation is right for you, or even what the difference is between various Bible translations.

In this section I want to cut out the potentially overwhelming detail and simplify this for you, before finishing with some advice on how to make sense of your options.

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Favorite Journaling Bibles

Often times people contact me asking one simple question, “Which Journaling Bible do you recommend most?”.

In this section, I’ll share the Journaling Bibles I own, love and recommend. Perfect if you feel too overwhelmed with options, or just want a Bible you’ve seen me use.

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In this area of the guide you can view Journaling Bibles broken into collections by Translations, Types, Features, Audience and Editions. View the options you have in your favorite translation and then head to Features of Journaling Bibles, to see Large Print or Red Letter options (for example), to cross reference. If you find a Bible you love and want to see if it comes in other covers or styles (to narrow down options even further), you can view Journaling Bibles by Edition. All the Bibles in this cross referencing area of the guide feature American English text, in a variety of Bible translations.


View Journaling Bibles by Translation

If a particular Bible translation matters to you in choosing a Journaling Bible, you’ll find this section super helpful. You can view Bible collections for every American English Bible translation which has any options available on the market for Bibles with space for creativity. These include KJV, NKJV,ESV, NIV, NASB, NLT, CSB and HCSB, Amplified and more.

If you’re unsure which translation is right for you, view Things To Consider, where I help you make sense of the translations represented in this guide. You can then get started viewing a collection of Bibles in your chosen translation, in this part of the guide.

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View Journaling Bible by Type

In this part of the guide you’ll find typical Journaling Bibles plus several other types of Bibles which people use to create and journal in. You’ll find spiral bound Bibles, wide margin Bibles, interleaved Bibles, line art coloring Bibles, part-illustrated Bibles and more. Browse study and devotional Journaling Bibles and even One Year Journaling Bibles.

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View Journaling Bibles by Feature

In this part of the guide you’ll find red letter Bibles, large print Bibles and more. You know… features you want to know when searching for the Journaling Bible you’re after. You can see collections of unlined, lightly lined and boldly lined Bible margins and further collections of white, versus cream paper Bibles too. It’s a great place to cross reference features in Bibles you’ve spotted in other parts of the guide.

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View Journaling Bibles by Audience

In this part of the guide you’ll find Journaling Bibles that are perfect for a particular audience, be it a child, teen or man in your life. Perhaps you’re buying for a child or grandchild/teen in your life, or you’re trying to cut through the fairly frilly options you’ve seen, to get something a little more toned down.

You may be wondering why there are no women recommendations. With a Bible journaling and Bible art journaling practice quite dominated by women, Journaling Bible options are mainly made with women in mind. Browse this whole guide freely knowing most Journaling Bibles were made for women and come to this part of the guide to search more selectively by other audiences.

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View Journaling Bibles by Edition

If you love a particular Journaling Bible edition and want to see it in other styles and covers, this section of the Journaling Bible guide will help you narrow down your options.

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If you prefer Journaling Bibles in a language other than American English, check out Other Languages for British English, German, Afrikaans and more.

For some people, creating inside your Bible feels scary, or even inappropriate. If that is you, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite art journals, to allow for creative reflection during your time in the Word of God.

Journaling Bibles In Other Languages

If you prefer a Journaling Bible which is not in American English, this section is for you.

View all your Journaling Bible options in British English and other languages such as German and Afrikaans.

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Art Journals for Bible Journaling

Sometimes you also just want to illustrate your journey with God, without creating directly on the pages of a Journaling Bible. These are the art journals I happily recommend for your creative time with God.

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When you’ve found a Journaling Bible, head to my free Bible Journaling Supplies Guide!

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*Mini disclaimer… I could not and should not, own all of the Journaling Bibles in their various styles and covers, which I am able to recommend here. I have however, had the opportunity to review many of the Journaling Bibles in this guide and will continue to do so. It has taken countless days of research and work for my team and I to build this guide and keep it up to date with quality standards. Enjoy browsing and learning!

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