The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to lesson 1 of The Beginning! In this series of the Bible Art Journaling Challenge we’re getting the start we’ve always needed. Throughout the series, we’re looking at key scriptures in the Bible story, while focusing on a select few supplies which any beginner can gain confidence with. If you feel less like a beginner, you’ll enjoy all the refreshers and some new insights. In this lesson of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I’ll be sharing simple colored pencil tracing for Bible art journaling with a look at our first of 6 sections of scripture which help us tie the Bible story together.

I’ll leave you with a bit of mystery just because I can. You’ll just have to keep coming back to see where I’m taking us! By the time we finish with lesson 6, you’ll be able to look back and see the Bible in a fresh way with some new understanding. You’ll also be more confident in stepping out creatively, which means you’ll then be ready to move on from The Beginning to even bigger Bible art journaling things! Let’s buckle up for some creative fun as we study the Bible story together!

What is Bible Art Journaling?

As we start, let me quickly explain Bible art journaling in case you’re new to this. Bible art journaling (as well as Bible journaling), are terms both now widely recognized as a process of making a meaningful and respectful record directly on the pages of a Journaling Bible, with some form of artistic, creative, or crafty expression.

The goal should be to

“lock in” what has been learned spiritually during reading and studying a section of scripture, by activating visual and kinesthetic learning… through creating images. Both are great spiritual tools which are especially life changing for visual and kinesthetic (hands-on/doer) learners.

Perfection or artistic beauty isn’t the goal of Bible art journaling. Growing spiritually can be helped by locking in a spiritual learning moment through the act of creative expression. Essentially, the idea of Bible art journaling is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God and help us grow in our faith.

Bible art journaling is actually a term which I came up with in 2014 when I was launching the Original Bible Art Journaling Challenge. I couldn’t find a term which best described what I would be teaching, nor could I find anyone teaching what I wanted to teach. Bible journaling was different and the term wasn’t around at the time.

So, I made up the term and then launched something I felt would give instruction on how to proceed. You’re welcome to view my help site document where I more fully answer the question, “What is Bible art journaling and Bible journaling?” for more on this.

Let’s dive into lesson 1 of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge. Just in case you need me to clarify… if you’re just properly starting with me, The Beginning is the challenge series which I want you to start with. It’s the start we’ve always needed. Let’s begin!


Colored Pencil Tracing for Bible Art Journaling

In this series,  I think you’ll love how easy it is to do Bible art journaling. I often hear people tell me how they don’t feel confident, or aren’t sure what do to so they just don’t do Bible art journaling and simply enjoy watching from the sidelines. My friend, the power is in doing. Let’s do this! Colored pencil tracing couldn’t be simpler and it’s a great place to start in The Beginning. (See what I did there?!)

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

Let’s start with colored pencil tracing for Bible art journaling. Stick with me, even if you want to bust out “all the things”. Stay simple with me. You’ll thank me later. I’m gonna build up your creative skills this next 6 months and today, we’ll start with colored pencil. A simple tool anyone can use. By using your colored pencils to trace with, you’ll have no pencil marks to deal with and with my simple tracing technique, you’ll be tracing like a pro in no time.

I often get asked if it’s “okay” to trace. They ask, “Is tracing just cheating”?! The simple answer is no, it is not cheating. Tracing allows your hand and brain to get familiar with the process of drawing. When you take away the tracing element after practicing it for a while, you’ll find drawing comes more naturally to you. Winning!

Here is a quick video on how I recommend you trace for Bible art journaling. It couldn’t be simpler and will help you as we get stuck into Lesson 1 of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge.

Now that you’re ready to trace with colored pencils, here are the specific supplies I’ll feature for our lesson today.

Supplies for Lesson 1 of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge

You’ll notice with each of our 6 lessons, that I’ll be sticking to a strict list of products across the series, so you can learn to use this small kit really well. You can refer to the series supplies list to see everything you’ll want, on The Beginning series page. Although I highly recommend you use what I’m featuring to get the most out of our time together in this series, you are free to participate with whatever you have, using the devotional for this lesson.

You’ll notice that I’ve featured some Post-It Tape Roll and the Pocket Color Wheel, both of which are not necessary, but here in case you wish to get what I am using. I’ve also listed my ESV Double Column Black Journaling Bible, (which is a real winner for budget friendly Bible art journaling), but check out my Journaling Bible guide to get one more specific to your own needs if you wish.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, this ministry gets a small commission, with no extra cost to you. You may read my full disclosure, for details. Thank you, I appreciate you partnering to help impact lives!


Lesson 1 of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge

I had so much fun creating this lesson. I’m doing my best to keep each video short to consider your time but there is more below to enrich your experience. Let’s get started!

Making Time for Bible Art Journaling

If you’ve been holding back, you are officially out of excuses! This is easy to do, time considerate and full of simple stuff to ponder while you do dishes and laundry. There is nothing to be scared of and everything to gain. The pondering part of this challenge doesn’t require you sit in a quiet room with utter silence. It requires you open your heart to Jesus wherever you are and simply be willing to listen to Him.

Sitting in a quiet room isn’t viable for everyone all the time but it’s no reason we can’t say hello to God as we go about our life, to ensure He gets to be part of our day. A couple of 15 minute sessions over the course of this month will set you up with enough time to create an entry in your Bible to further grow in God beyond that pondering bit of time on-the-go.

Ain’t nobody got a legitimate enough excuse for not making a few minutes to sit down and make a creative record in your Journaling Bible of what God spoke to you about during your time of pondering this study. (I mean, if you’re caring for a loved one who is ill, or taking on your own life challenges, sure, it may be more complex for you. But most of us have zero excuses which we can legitimately use with honesty. It’s a priorities thing 95% of the time regardless what season or time we find ourselves in.)

The thing about colored pencil, is you can even walk away and come back. But girl… come back! Put this challenge in your calendar, diary, planner… whatever you call it. Just get it in there and commit a few minutes to grow in God through creativity each month. If I may be so bold… we owe it to the Guy Upstairs who gives us oxygen, to make time to deepen our understanding of Him. Let’s consider it a date.


Free downloads for Bible Art Journaling

If you’d like to use the free traceable downloads which I created for your Bible art journaling session of lesson 1 in The Beginning, then you can click below to request yours now. (If you’re already signed up to the series, you’ll have an email already in your inbox with this download waiting for you.)

Click here to get the free download!

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

When you request your free download, you’ll get signed up for The Beginning series and start receiving emails from me which you’re welcome to unsubscribe from. But, uh… I must warn you… you don’t get everything without being an email subscriber. I LOVE to love on my ‘Jonesies’ with extra surprise treats. 🙂

Everyone who is signed up for The Beginning series, will automatically get this free guide to the Biblical meanings of colors, right in their Lesson 1 email. I created the guide myself. If you don’t know this about me, I have a lot of spiritual dreams from God and have spent many years studying Biblical symbolism in order to better understand the “Language of the Spirit”.

The Bible gives us many meanings for colors which I think adds a beautiful richness to our creative time in the Word. This little guide is a really useful tool to fold up in the back of your Journaling Bible for help in choosing colors meaningfully for your Bible art journaling sessions.

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1


If you haven’t yet signed up for this series, please do. I don’t want you missing out on all the exclusive stuff which only subscribers will get during this series. Relying on social media sharing is a great way to miss out. Instead, use social media and YouTube as a support to fully enjoy all this series and my art ministry has to offer.


There Is No Other God Besides Him

God, in His unending grace and love, is always looking for a way to draw us to Himself. After a difficult and rebellious season in the Israelites’ history, they had fallen into unbelief. They were choosing to believe God did not want to bless them. They’d chosen to overlook their own responsibility in partnering with God to see His blessing come into their life.

We can do the same without keeping aware. We can feel frustrated or confused and then stop believing what the Bible says is true because we choose to let our experiences be our truth instead of letting God’s Word be our truth. The Way, the Truth and the Life… that should be our guide to what we believe.

If the Bible says He loved us SOOO much that He sent His only Son to die on a cross for you and me… then wow! We are LOVED!

If the Bible says we can step into freedom when we choose to believe what the Bible says, then wow! This is simple stuff! We need only to challenge our beliefs by filling our minds with the truth.

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

God should be the 1st One we…

  • Lean on.
  • Run to.
  • Seek for understanding and truth.
  • Confess to.
  • Pursue friendship with.

God is the last. He is the final authority on everything from our past, our present and our future… for all eternity.

If He says He loves us, we are obligated to pursue believing this truth.

There is nothing God doesn’t already know. And this should not bring us shame. Nothing from your past is bad enough to keep Him from hotly pursuing you with the intent of drawing you to Himself in total abandon. You are His joy, His love. He truly is able to offer us this incredible hope through us simply following His way. If you don’t feel worthy of God’s love, there are lies you are believing which need replaced with the Truth.

Isaiah 44:6 is the scripture for this lesson. It says (in the NASB):

“Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:

‘I am the first and I am the last,
And there is no God besides Me.


Gain Some Context

To better understand the full picture of how the book of Isaiah comes to express this, I decided to share with you some wonderful videos from the guys over at The Bible Project. They are “helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus”. Good stuff!

They don’t know who I am, (even though I grew up in the city they are based in). These guys have created amazing videos of each book in the Bible, to help you gain some context of what each book is about. I love to help you understand context and these videos really do this so I want to share the Isaiah ones with you here. They split the book into two videos as it’s a lot to take in. Another great reason to watch so it all makes a bit more sense. I encourage you to watch their videos.

(And ahem… Bible Project guys, if you’re listening… we should chat!) You can check them out on their website:

It’s that interesting?! So much to grasp. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below. I think it can be easy to use the book of Isaiah as an excuse to talk about the judgements of God.

I think it is important to keep perspective that judges sentence people to prison AND they also sanction freedom. The overwhelming Bible story is one of a God who is looking for ways to draw us to Himself and set us free from the wages of sin and death.

The Bible story isn’t one of damning judgement, it’s one of invitation to Himself. It’s a call to righteousness and relationship with the God of all that is. May we step into that freedom one encounter with Him at a time.


Making Room for Bible Art Journaling

This Bible art journaling stuff… it’s an intentional place we make room for God to encounter us with His freedom. Isn’t that what we’re all hungry for? Let’s be intentional and grow in God together.

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

You can find answers to most any question you may have about participating in this challenge, on The Beginning page, which holds the lesson archive, series supplies list, how to join in and more!

Many ask if it is okay to share these posts with your friends. Please share! It is a simple way you can partner with me to impact lives. If you’re discovering this when it’s been a while since I published, that’s okay! It’s not too late to join in, (it never is!).

Join the discussion below!

As we wrap up the “consuming” part of lesson 1 in The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge, it’s time for us to connect in the comments! Please pop below and answer these 2 questions, then head to your email inbox to grab your download and get started creating!

  1. What area of your life will you be intentional about making God 1st in this month?
  2. What colors will you choose for this Bible art journaling entry?

You are loved. x

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