The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge

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The Beginning - Bible Art Journaling Challenge


The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge

This 6-part monthly series is the start we’ve always needed! We’ll look at key scriptures in the Bible story, while focusing on a select few supplies which any beginner can gain confidence with. Sign up now to get supplies and prepare for this exciting new series starting July 2019!


How the Bible Art Journaling Challenges work…

The free The Beginning series lessons each have a video, containing devotional material and optional creative instruction. I will take you through creating on the pages of my Bible as a devotional process and then challenge you to join me in also creating with the devotional for each lesson! Each blog post containing my video, always has additional devotional material and a full supplies list. There are even free downloads in some cases. Enjoy it ALL, to get the most out of this experience.


To participate in The Beginning…

1. Sign up
Sign up today and you’ll immediately get your welcome email. Then, you’ll get the latest lesson right to your email inbox on the 1st Friday of each month, July-December 2019! If you’re starting after the lessons have started, you’ll get to start at the beginning of the lessons, along with others joining at that time.

Your info is safe with me, I only believe in sending fun emails and you can unsubscribe any time you like. 🙂

The greatest benefit of signing up is not missing out on this beautiful journey with myself and our supportive growing community, as it unfolds! There are always new people starting and today is a great day to join!

2. Get your supplies

I’ve taken intentional care to limit us to a specific set of supplies for the duration of the series. This will help you build skill and confidence with foundational supplies and techniques. Consider these The Beginning you’ve always needed. You can thank me later. You do not have to buy anything to participate. However, I encourage you to make an effort to follow along with my direction for your maximum benefit.

This page may contain affiliate links, to support you. If you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, this ministry gets a small commission, with no extra cost to you. You may read my full disclosure, for details. Thank you, I appreciate you partnering to help impact lives!

View the series supply list below covering literally ALL we’ll use throughout all 6 lessons. You’ll get lots of use from them over our 6 months together and have gained confidence to go on and keep getting more use out of them moving forward! 

You can aim to have colored pencil by July 5th, Inktense by September 6th and pens by October 4th. The rest of the supplies would be good to have when we start on July 5th.

3. Enjoy each lesson
Shortly after signing up, you will receive your welcome right to your email inbox. Then, you’ll get the latest lesson right to your email inbox on the 1st Friday of each month, from July-December 2019! Each lesson has a video devotional with creative tutorial, plus a blog post full of more great stuff and links to everything I use.

4. Create in the Word

Once you’ve enjoyed each lesson, it’s time to take the challenge to get in the Word for yourself! Simply create on your own Bible page, or art journal, using the devotionals.

You do not have to use the art supplies or techniques I share. Please do use the scripture and devotional for whichever challenge you respond to, if you plan share your creativity with our community. Remember, it’s not about the end result, it’s about engaging with God. Have fun with Him!

5. Connect with our community
Once you’re done creating, come share in our lovely Facebook community! Everyone is SUPER supportive, inspiring and encouraging. There is nothing quite like sharing this life-changing journey with others. I’ll be here every step of the way too.

We process requests most Thursdays. Request to join here if you haven’t already:

6. Spread the word
Want to share with others and help spread the word beyond our community? That would be great!

  • Share on social media with these hashtags: #BibleArtJournalingChallenge #RebekahRJones
  • If you write blog posts or create videos, please share a link to this page so others can join us!
  • Please contact me to ask first, if you’d like to use my images or content on your blog or website.


Pace yourself and stay engaged…

While it can be SUPER thrilling (understandably), to binge watch countless hours of free Bible Art Journaling Challenges, this has been known to overwhelm some people, which could lead to you stalling that all important, “getting started moment”. By all means, feel free to rapidly watch and read everything I’ve got freely here for you. BUT, please do consider how important it is to get your Bible (or art journal) open and start participating with me.

To help you come along with me, I’ve set up a way for you to register with your email and go on a journey with me. When you register today, you’ll immediately receive your welcome right to your email inbox. Then, you’ll get the latest lesson right to your email inbox on the 1st Friday of each month! Perfect timing to sustainably participate as we go along together.


The Beginning lesson archive

Below you’ll find a full archive of all available lessons in The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge.

If you’re not sure what this Bible art journaling thing is all about, have a browse around my blog and take a look at my Bible Art Journaling Challenge page to learn more.

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