The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1

The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge Lesson 1
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to lesson 1 of The Beginning! In this series of the Bible Art Journaling Challenge we’re getting the start we’ve always needed. Throughout the series, we’re looking at key scriptures in the Bible story, while focusing on a select few supplies which any beginner can gain confidence with. If you feel less like a beginner, you’ll enjoy all the refreshers and some new insights. In this lesson of The Beginning Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I’ll be sharing simple colored pencil tracing for Bible art journaling with a look at our first of 6 sections of scripture which help us tie the Bible story together.

I’ll leave you with a bit of mystery just because I can. You’ll just have to keep coming back to see where I’m taking us! By the time we finish with lesson 6, you’ll be able to look back and see the Bible in a fresh way with some new understanding. You’ll also be more confident in stepping out creatively, which means you’ll then be ready to move on from The Beginning to even bigger Bible art journaling things! Let’s buckle up for some creative fun as we study the Bible story together!

What is Bible Art Journaling?

As we start, let me quickly explain Bible art journaling in case you’re new to this. Bible art journaling (as well as Bible journaling), are terms both now widely recognized as a process of making a meaningful and respectful record directly on the pages of a Journaling Bible, with some form of artistic, creative, or crafty expression.

The goal should be to

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