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My grandma told me a beautiful story recently. She’s been a missionary in Mexico for over 60 years. When I was growing up, my grandparents would come back to the States and be with family, tend a beautiful garden and rest, before going back and serving. The ministry has been responsible for helping 3 generations of people find Jesus, who were previously unreached in the Cora mountain villages. I have always loved hearing the incredible stories of people learning about Jesus and then growing up to help spread His truth. I feel grateful for such a heritage in my family that continues to this day.

Anyway, my grandma told me a story about how she had enjoyed these beautiful flowers and wanted to plant some to be enjoyed at the ministry base in Mexico. She took some seeds with her and planted them.  When the heat came, the plants couldn’t stand the temperatures and within a short time they had all died. Just like her determined missionary self, she decided to investigate if there was another way these plants might be able to withstand the heat.  She found a way and went to work planting all of the seeds in a cooler climate. Then, when the plants were more mature, she took cuttings from them and brought them with her to Mexico to plant. Those cuttings then grew up to become plants that are hearty, able to withstand heat and bloom almost year round!

Now, there are a ton of life messages this true story could be applied to. For me, it speaks to where this art ministry is currently at. I’ve got something beautiful to minister to you all with, but it needs to withstand the heat of this season. In order to keep blooming in all seasons, I need to transplant some of the ways I’ve done and offered things in the past. I’m certain doing so will cause blooming like we’ve not yet seen!


There are a lot of changes being made in this ministry at this time. I think it is an appropriate time to take you behind the scenes and share with you about what is going on in the life of this ministry. I suppose this post can act as a guide for this season.  There have been some hard changes and also some really exciting and good changes and even more yet to be announced.

My heart has always been to help you encounter Jesus through creativity and to serve you in that vision to the best of my ability in a sustainable way. All changes pass through that vision and I’m excited for what is before us! If you’ve unplugged and lost interest, this may be the best time to tune in again. If you’ve stuck things out with me, you may be about to get more excited!


If you have any interest in this ministry, then I encourage you to grab a cup of tea and enjoy this update. I think you’ll find it interesting and helpful…


Firstly, let me share about what’s going on in my personal world as it pertains to this ministry. As you may know, a little over a year ago, my husband and I were still settling into our new place after moving up north in England.  In all the settling, I ended up with a concussion when 18 pounds of weight accidentally fell on my head from above me. The doctors believed that I’d gotten a minor concussion and sprained neck from the impact and that I would make a full and speedy recovery.

After a couple of weeks in a dark room, I slowly but surely worked my way back to part-time and then full-time within a few months. The doctors were satisfied that things were mainly recovered and although I wasn’t driving again yet, felt it would be a matter of time. In all other things, I was to consider myself able to handle full life again. We all felt confident in where I was at by the Fall of last year. At that point I took a better look at my schedule and added a couple more projects that I had not been able to do during my recovery.  At the time, everyone felt good about that decision, including my doctors.

Several weeks ago though, it became clear that my brain and spine injury may need more recovery support than expected. I am still not driving and having a few issues with my cognitive ability, such as with writing, as well as still thinking a bit slow on my feet. I am still expected to make a full recovery, however the doctors are doing more investigations to understand how to help me better and have asked me at this time to step back from a full load of work, despite believing that it was appropriate earlier on in my recovery. The goal is to give my brain and body less stress and more mental rest, so it can speed recovery. I agree with their decision and recognize that without longevity, I am unable to give my best to God. Loving myself, will allow me to love others.


Admittedly, my concern with transparency in regards to my personal health is that it may open up an unwarranted invitation for medical advice and opinion, which I am not comfortable with.  I am quite satisfied and pleased with the medical care that I have been surrounded with in this recovery. I do welcome your prayer support however.

So why do I tell you about what’s going on with my health?  There have been a few things that are specifically impacting me (and thus, you), as a result of this concussion. With doctors and myself agreeing that I need to take a step back in this season from things which are potentially causing the most stress and/or work to my brain, I need to be creative and adjust. But, this is an art ministry! I can do creative and I am up for the challenge.

As you may have noticed, emails have been a challenge for me to respond to, blog posts have taken longer to write, (with plenty of grammar and spelling issues, much to my own grammar police dismay!). Live video streaming has been difficult when my brain isn’t firing at quick thinking speed.  Producing video devotionals with creative tutorial (such as my Bible Art Journaling Challenges), have been challenging for me with the different types of tasks involved in that particular type of content creation.

But, all is not lost. Stick with me.


At this time in the ministry, I’m making some important changes for sustainability of myself and my team, as well as for you guys to get what you need out of this ministry with all of that in mind.  It is a great time for us to shift some of how content is delivered to you and to use this personal need in my world, as a springboard for even greater things from this ministry. I feel confident that God is going to make this ministry more able to serve you, as we step back and make good adjustments.

Just as my grandma has been a model of longevity with over 60 years of missionary life, I need to move with the times in front of me and position myself for the long haul, which is bound to produce bigger blooms and more fruit.

So, let’s talk about the ministry! The best way I know how to do this, is to take you through the different projects and things that we have going on in this ministry and talk to you about them individually. So, in no particular order let’s get started…



Rebekah R Jones Bible Journaling & Art Facebook Group (previously Bible Art Journaling Challenge)

A few months ago, I made an exciting change to my then, “Bible Art Journaling Challenge” Facebook group. With nearly 13,000 members, it’s been a great transition…

Firstly, I opened up the group to no longer be just for the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. The group is now available as an online community for connecting with all this ministry has to offer and for sharing your experience of following what I am teaching. If you’ve been inspired by anything I’ve taught, this is the place to connect!

To reflect this, the name was changed to “Rebekah R Jones Bible Journaling & Art Group”. It’s a safe place to grow in God through creativity along with me! This change has really helped us as a community. I’m making adjustments to written communication about this change in various places as I am able. There are updated rules. Have a look at them in the About section of the group and get plugged in more! It’s a wonderfully safe place to grow in God through creativity.


Prophetic Arts For Jesus Facebook Group

In 2008, I founded a Facebook Group called Prophetic Arts for Jesus, which has grown to be the world’s largest online community of Christian artists, with over 13,000 members representing 60+ nations.

At the end of May I made the very, very, very difficult decision to archive the Prophetic Arts For Jesus Facebook group, after much prayer and input. After a decade of service this was a challenging decision which was not taken lightly, after much effort over many months to avoid this outcome. But, I feel confident it is the right choice for this season.  If you are already a member, you will find the group “frozen”, but in your groups. You’ll see there my explanation post about this pause and can view the posts made before this archival. If you are not a member, you will not see the group at this time.

On a personal level, I cannot sustain moderating the group on my own. When you put 13,000+ people in a group, it can be possible to moderate on your own. But when we put 13,000+ of us in a space together who are passionate about sharing what God is speaking prophetically through creativity, the moderation requirements are beyond what a small team can manage without bullying and inappropriate teaching slipping in and hurting people. I will not host a free-for-all.  I cannot justify having my team’s time invested on this group currently, when the community comes predominantly to share, not learn.

It has been wonderful to host a community who are sharing such richness of what God is doing in our creative midst as a worldwide collection of creatives, but practically, those in the group with the desire to learn how to grow in their creative calling, were somewhat drowned out by those already making an impact in their own journey. This was never my heart for the group as I felt it told those starting out, that they are not good enough to try. This change slowly became reality when I finally allowed people to start selling their artwork in the group a couple years ago. I’ve learned that serving those who want to learn and grow together, cannot exist in the same space as a marketplace. These practical realities, along with an increase in moderation requirements, makes it impossible for the group to have its doors open at this time.

If I open the doors in the future, it will be when it is reasonable for my then larger team to spend time helping me with moderation and there will be changes to ensure those eager to learn and grow, will have a safe place with a voice and courage to do so. Selling artwork and sharing links would not be allowed.

I got some fairly ugly messages and emails about this change. People telling me that I am self serving, trying to get rich and more. While I don’t expect everyone to understand or support my decision, I hope you will know that this group has never been about me and I have never made any money from hosting this group. It has been a labor of love which has cost me deeply and I’ve willingly poured myself out for it. It’s never been about serving this ministry either. At this time however, I must care for myself and I must be practical about where my team put their time. Investing in those who are not expressing hunger to learn, is not wise and I will not tolerate, nor support poor character of those who wish to do whatever they please. Say whatever you like about me, I will always protect the hunger of those around me and I am willing to make unpopular choices to ensure my efforts make the maximum impact on eternity.

I’ve poured thousands and thousands of hours into this community over the past decade and while I have hit the pause button, it simply means I’m trusting God with our family story. You may check out my Prophetic Art FAQ to learn more about this.


Supporting This Ministry

This art ministry is primarily funded in 3 ways.

  1. By regular ministry supporters called, Ministry Champions.
  2. By sales of online courses in my online Creative Faith U school.
  3. By the commissions earned when you shop through my affiliate links.

I do not make any money through ads, nor am I sponsored, or on any design teams. I need to make something incredibly clear. I only promote products that I LOVE and I only create courses with the intention of impacting lives.

I’ve had questions recently about how to support this ministry. I so appreciate those partnering with me to impact lives.

The easiest and most cost effective way to support this ministry, is to hop onto my blog anytime you want to shop on Amazon and click an Amazon link on my blog first. Anything you add to your basket in the next several hours and then purchase, I’ll get a small percentage of your basket total. Yes, really. You can support this ministry while you buy dog food and diapers, (that’s nappies for all you Brits!). I’ll forgive you for not having a cat. 😉 This works with any of my affiliate links and shops. You can learn all about how this works, on my affiliate and product disclosure page.

I used to have a Patreon account, which allowed people to support this ministry. I didn’t feel comfortable with the way the platform was handling things, so I transitioned to what we now call, Ministry Champions (because you champion the ministry)! You can support the ministry annually, or monthly as a Ministry Champion, for $5+ per month. To keep giving back, I have a dedicated facebook group and online Ministry Champions Vault with exclusive downloads and 3 years of content privately available. You can learn more and become a Ministry Champion here:

Another way to support this ministry, is to enroll in my online courses. Why do I charge for courses? Much of what I produce is free. The amount of work I put into courses to teach more in depth, requires me to be able to sustain supporting students properly. You can be assured that any fees, go directly into supporting and running this ministry, while allowing me to keep this ministry as my full time job, instead of having to take work elsewhere to support my family. You get to help impact more lives when you enroll in my courses, not least of all, yourself.


Page Prep

My Page Prep course is opening for enrollment in just a couple of weeks! Not only is it going to be the ONLY time it is open for enrollment in 2018, but it’s also Summer School!!! I’ve had a lot of requests to launch the course during summer break and this is it!

The Page Prep course can be misunderstood as a fancy course about the page prep technique which I developed for Bible journalers. The course is actually SO much more, covering the spiritual and practical foundations of Bible journaling. If you want to “learn it all” to get going in the practical stuff as well as the spiritual stuff, (which is most important!), I hope you’ll join me if you haven’t. (Students, please share your own honest experience in the comments!)

For the rest of June and beginning of July, I’m going to focus my attention on helping you all with the spiritual and practical foundations of Bible journaling. That may be through video, blog posts, emails and more. With the course opening, it’s a good time to help you guys with these important topics that are on my heart year-round.

If you’d like to learn about the spiritual and practical foundations of Bible journaling, please head to and submit your email, to not miss all the free content I’ll be releasing… some of which is exclusive to email subscribers. If you’ve signed up in the past and want to let me know you’re freshly interested, feel free to sign up again:

If you sign up before June 25th, you’ll be able to access the best price possible. And of course, you can unsubscribe, or opt-out of emails anytime at the footer of emails I send. I would love the opportunity to pour into you on these foundational matters.


If you think it’s crazy to spend money on Bible journaling courses, let me say two things….

  1. This is not a hobby. It is an investment in your spiritual growth… which happens to be fun. Please decide what you need for your spiritual journey at this time and if a Bible journaling course like Page Prep will help, it would be my honor to pour into you. If it’s not something you can afford, or not right for you after looking over what a course (like Page Prep) has to offer, then don’t enroll. I only want students who are hungry and ready to see personal transformation in their lives and enjoying the journey.
  2. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds of this course launch, to supporting my grandparents ministry base in Mexico, to help reach the Cora Indians in the mountains with the gospel. Your enrollment fee will support this art ministry, as well as reaching the unreached with the gospel!

This means you can invest in your relationship with God, support this art ministry and help reach people with the gospel, all while having fun. I am not sure how that all seems possible in one breath, but I am excited it is true!


Other Courses

My Thanks Giving Breakthrough course and Word Study For Bible Journaling course, both are open for enrollment and making a difference in people’s lives. You can always find my courses on my online school, Creative Faith U.

I’ve heard a lot of feedback about courses you’d like me to create. Let me hear from you in the comments about what you’d like me to do!



I recently released my first online workshop! My workshops are more premium than watching a YouTube video, but offered entirely free. You get to sign up for a time that works best for you to watch a pre-recorded workshop and then engage with it in a professional and warm environment. The focus of my workshops, is to give people a taste of the teaching available in my online courses, helping you decide if a course is right for you, while enjoying and being impacted by free content in the process.

If you’d like to learn about how my workshops are set up, check out my workshops FAQ.

Learn about and sign up for my Intimacy With God Bible Journaling Workshop. In it, you can paint right along with me in a simple Bible journaling entry, as we study together on one of the spiritual foundations addressed in the Page Prep course, intimacy with God. More workshops to come!


Reaching People

I know my online courses can impact lives. Ask my students who are getting personal breakthroughs and growing in their journey with God! It’s what I show up and do this ministry for… seeing lives transformed by the power of God.

I believe it is good stewardship of what God has tasked me with, to help people learn free on the topics I teach more in-depth in my courses and to give everyone opportunity to know about the courses and benefit from them if they want to. It is of course, entirely okay to sign up, enjoy the content and then opt-out, or unsubscribe. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to stick around for all the good content. And, reaching you via email, is the best way for you to not miss out.

As you may know, social media algorithms make it more and more challenging to reach you guys. If I am to keep impacting more people (or even the same people for that matter), I need to adjust things.

With all this in mind, I will be making a good change to this ministry in the coming weeks and months. I’m going to start doing a bit of advertizing on places like Facebook, so those who can be touched through this ministry, have the opportunity to learn how they can be ministered to and enjoy free content in that process. I may advertize to you, or those who don’t know of this ministry yet.

I realize some may misunderstand the motive of this decision, but I am willing to take this risk, so I am able to impact as many people as possible with what this ministry has to offer. I hope you will support my efforts to keep impacting lives. Please pray with me that God directs my steps on this and causes the advertizing to reach just the right people, bringing God’s love and hope into their life.


How And What Content I Will Offer In This Season  

New Editorial Calendar

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I need to transplant some of the ways I’ve done and offered things in the past. I’m certain doing so will cause blooming like we’ve not yet seen! This means I need to make it easier for me to create content, while still providing great content.

I have some REALLY exciting ideas. Of course, in this next few weeks, I’m focusing on the spiritual and practical foundations of Bible journaling. When I close enrollment on Page Prep, my students will keep enjoying this great focus. I will set up some ways for you all to keep benefiting from this important topic year round in the weeks that follow.

I’ll then take what is left of July to take a breath and create a new editorial calendar! This means, sometime in August, I’ll start rolling out a new schedule of content, with all new exciting content.

I’m not going to give away my secrets here but welcome requests on types of content you’d love on the blog. Think outside the box and dream with me in the comments!

I also highly encourage you to sign up for my emails, so you don’t miss the excitement when it rolls out. Pray with me as I decide on an editorial calendar which will be sustainable and impact lives best.


Prophetic Art Challenge

My Prophetic Art Challenge has been helping you connect with God through creativity, in an art journal! If you’re afraid to ruin your Bible, or don’t have one, you may find this a great starting place. If you wish to learn how to learn God’s voice better for your personal journey with Him, I highly recommend this challenge series.

Currently, there are 5 lessons in the Prophetic Art Challenge. Because we’re learning that this series has the types of tasks which are more challenging for me to produce in this season, I sadly need to stop at 5 lessons. The sad news is, no more for this series! The great news is, I’ll convert it into a 5 week challenge as soon as I am able and those who subscribe to it, can enjoy a wonderful, month long series!


Foundational Things

If you browse around my blog, or are subscribed to something, you may notice that all is not functioning “at top form”. It works, but there are a few things needing improvements. When I was setting up some things last year, we didn’t realize I was not always collecting my thoughts fully during the process. As a result, I’m sorry that a few things don’t work as seamlessly as I would like them to. Following me, has been a bit like my brain is acting for me. A few shorts in the story here and there. While I cannot apologize for giving you my best, I am sorry it has not been as smooth sailing as I would like.

By shifting some of how we’ll produce content, I’m also going to be able to do work behind the scenes to ensure things are working properly, like email subscriptions. It will take time to adjust things with over 3 years of content to consider, but we’ll make the rounds and come out stronger.

I’m also working on setting up better systems for making things happen, so it is easier for me to hang out with you guys. While it feels like I am silent, I’ve been like a duck in this season. All the weather is rolling off me (thankfully!), but I’ve been paddling hard under the surface to make things work. My team and I are working to make things as smooth on the surface as they are under water. Phew!


A Few Requests

  1. Please don’t give up on me. I’m very excited about what lies ahead! More news to come in August. Enjoy hanging out with me in the meantime!
  2. Would you please sign up for my emails if you haven’t already? Social media makes it challenging to reach you these days and I don’t want to miss connecting with you.
  3. Please offer me a bit of grace and patience. I’m a little hard to pin down because I need some rest, (which means I sometimes can’t meet an expected timeline) and I’ve got a lot to update/fix which will take time. Know I’ll keep doing my best (while loving myself) and that I love you dearly too.
  4. Please pray with me that I will have a full and speedy recovery, this ministry will thrive along with me as I seek to impact lives for God and that He will make my efforts impact eternity with significance. Also pray that God gives me wisdom and insight in creating the editorial calendar, as well as allows me to reach the right people who need the Page Prep course at this time.


Know that I take seriously looking after myself and also know that I dearly love you all and am excited to meet these changes with courage and wisdom, with you at the center of why I show up. Let’s head into this adventure together!


In closing, would you take a moment below to say hi? Then, share this post anywhere you think our community is hanging out, so we make sure and get the word out.

  1. What totally new content would you love to see me produce?
  2. How has this ministry impacted your life?
  3. Have you taken any of my courses? Would you share your experience below?
  4. Will you be in prayer with me?


You are loved,

Rebekah x

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