Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I get lots of questions and often they’ve been asked many times by others just like you. I’ve created this FAQ page to help you get quicker answers to your questions.

1. Click any category, then find your question and click the green + icon, to reveal my answer.

Technical Support

I’ve got a hearing loss / deafness. How can I watch your videos?

Firstly, I’m sorry to learn about this!

When you are watching a YouTube video of mine, click the “CC” in the bottom right of the video, to turn on Closed Captioning in English. In my opinion, YouTube have done a pretty good job of detecting what I say in videos and this should help you. This feature was added a few weeks after my first video was published. After those first few videos, all should have this CC feature as I have it turned on automatically for my channel.

Closed Captioning does not work during live streaming sadly, but you are welcome to take advantage of replays when they are available, though live stream captions are a bit less accurate, so keep that in mind.

My online school hosts videos outside of YouTube. I need to pay to have closed captions put on the videos which is fairly expensive. I’ve put it on my list of goals though, because you matter to me and I pray to be able to afford it sooner than later! I’ll be sure to mention when this happens, to my email subscribers.

I can’t figure out how to post in your facebook group. Can you help me?

Facebook Help has fantastic tutorials to help you get started with Facebook Groups. I recommend you check it out and follow their advice, as it’s far better than any I could offer you. I hope you’re able to sort it out and join in!

Please remember to view the group guidelines for any group you’re in, to ensure your post is suitable for the group you intend to post in. I share a link to mine, in the pinned post which you’ll find at the top of the group page.

I can’t click a link you emailed me. What should I do?

Sometimes links aren’t able to be clicked on some mobile devices. If you have this problem, you may need to view it on a desktop, or other devise, to click on it properly. Otherwise, try copying and pasting it directly into your internet browser.

I entered the giveaway with the wrong email. What now?!

If this happens to you, the email you entered will likely bounce when I first try to email it. So, just enter again. To do this, try opening the giveaway link (, on a different devise or browser and then you’ll be able to enter again. Please note that only 1 valid entry per person is allowed, per giveaway. This solution is only for those who have mistakenly entered an incorrect email.

I’m having trouble getting a free download. Can you help?

I’m sorry to hear that! You should find that when you click on a download link from me, it automatically prompts to start downloading. A few things to troubleshoot/consider…

  • You may need to be on a computer for the download to be successful.
  • Check your downloads folder in case it was automatically downloaded without your being aware.
  • Ensure you have any add blocker temporarily disabled from your browser as it can sometimes interfere.
  • Ensure your browser is up to date.
  • Ensure your device is up to date.

99% of the time, fixing any one of these things will solve things for you. If you have any further trouble, feel free to contact me with an explanation of what happened when you tried the above solutions and we’ll try to help out!

I’m waiting to join a Facebook Group you run. Why haven’t I been accepted yet?

I take seriously, protecting my groups from spammy accounts, which regularly request access. Because of this, I manually process and vet, each request myself. Yes, that means I’ve hit the accept button over 18,000 times now. 🙂

Because of this process, and because I regularly get hundreds of requests to join, I have a set schedule of when I process groups. I then let them settle in before adding another batch of newcomers. This keeps everyone settling in well and has served well, the groups I run. Your patience will be worth it.

If your request has been denied, I likely thought your account did not meet requirements. Feel free to try again. 🙂



Why can’t I watch your workshop whenever I want?

I’m glad you’re interested in a workshop of mine! My workshops are more premium than watching a YouTube video, but offered entirely free. 🙂

I record my workshops publicly live and then set them up to stream at various times of day… often with a freebie too! When you attend, you’re “in the room” with others all taking the workshop together! This means pausing isn’t possible, but offering workshops the way I do, gives the very best possible experience to you. You will however, be able to pause and skip to your hearts content in the replay which you’ll get access to shortly after your booked session has finished.

The good news is, once I have a workshop up and running, you can take it when you’ve got time!  Each workshop will have a different amount of time, some short and some longer. You’ll see the next 4 time slots when the workshop is running over the current and next day. If the dates don’t work for you, bookmark the workshop and come back when you’ve got time! The workshop times of day for streaming are the same each day of the week.

I encourage you to prioritize you and your friendship with God if you can by picking a time of any day in the week that you can attend (in the future if need be) and register on the current or day before, with the amount of time necessary to shut out distractions. Consider this a brief conference/workshop you’d register and drive to, where your phone would be off and it would be about receiving for a bit. I look forward to pouring into you!


Bible Journaling

I want to start Bible art journaling. What Bible do you recommend?

I own several Journaling Bibles and use a few that I love most. Have a look at The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible, to view all my Journaling Bible recommendations, favorite, a checklist for choosing, tips on choosing a Bible translation and things to consider. My guide is simple to use, while offer in depth cross referencing for anyone really wanting to hunt down the “perfect” Bible for their creative journey with God.

Where can I find your free downloads?

See my blog posts with free downloads. When you find one you like, look for a yellow box in the blog post and click on the text link in the box, to request that download. If you experience any difficulty obtaining your download, you can view my step-by-step guide.

What is Bible art journaling?

Bible art journaling is a growing movement, where many are creating on the pages of their Bible as a devotional process. It is also sometimes also called Bible Journaling or Illuminated Journaling. The idea is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God and help us grow in our faith.

How do I get started Bible journaling?

I’m so glad you found me! Getting started is super easy and so fun! First, find a Journaling Bible using The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible. Then, choose supplies remembering to stay within your budget. You can even use an art journal and supplies you already have, if you prefer.

Next, I’d recommend you use a devotional like my free Bible Art Journaling Challenge series’ with video tutorials, to get started with ease. You can even join my growing community, to get even more out of the challenges!

Most importantly, this is about you encountering Jesus in the Word. So, drop expectations and remember God created you and loves you right where you are at! Just dive in with a purpose to have fun in God’s presence and be transformed by His love through creative expression in the Word.

What is page prep, when do I need it and how do I do it?

I developed the technique which became known as “page prep”, a way to strengthen Bible paper and protect from bleed through and heavy shadowing/ghosting. The internet is now filled with imitation suggestions which can harm your Bible. I hope you’ll trust my months of research and years of experience to not lead you astray in looking after your copy of the Word with you.

I developed an online course, Page Prep, which dedicates considerable time to the spiritual and practical foundations of Bible journaling, which includes everything you could possibly want to know about page prep and the supplies you’d use in your Journaling Bible. If you sign up to learn more, I’ll give you great free content and when enrollment opens (twice yearly), you can join in!

Learn more here:


What Bible journaling supplies do you recommend?

My Bible Journaling Supplies Guide will help you simplify your selection and find the best Bible journaling supplies, for a creative journey with God, for you and your loved ones! I regularly get requests for advice on choosing Bible journaling supplies and this guide is my answer to all the questions.

To find a Journaling Bible or learn about them, check out The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible.

Each time I share a blog post which features any supplies, you’ll always see what I used, visually linked in that post. Ultimately, I encourage you to use what you have and stay within your budget. There is plenty you can do on a limited budget.


Prophetic Art

What is prophetic art?

Prophetic art can be defined in many ways. I like to explain it as a creative expression of what God is saying. God loves to speak with people and He loves it when we use our creative gifts to provide a road map for people to encounter Him. 

What is happening with the Prophetic Arts For Jesus Facebook group?

In 2008, I founded a Facebook Group called Prophetic Arts for Jesus, which has grown to be the worlds largest online community of prophetic artists.

With over 13,000 members representing 60+ nations, the community is currently archived. If you are already a member, you may search for it in your groups and see my explanation post about this pause. If you are not a member, you will not see the group at this time. 

I’ve poured thousands and thousands of hours into this community over the past decade and while I have hit the pause button, it simply means I’m trusting God with our family story.

Below is a Facebook post I made on May 31st, 2018, to members of the facebook group…


“It is with much prayer and input that after a decade of this community having its doors open, that I must announce a pause for the foreseeable future.

I will be archiving this community effective immediately. I’ve made an invitation for more volunteer support over the past weeks and months for our rapidly growing community and not enough help has come forward. What God orders, He pays for. My team and I simply cannot moderate this community properly by ourselves any longer. Part of this reason is due to an increase in bullying behavior which I do not tolerate.

Moderating smaller groups is quite easy and moderating groups this same size who come to learn and grow together is also quite easy. I do both. When we put 13,000 of us in a space together who are passionate about sharing what God is speaking prophetically through creativity, the moderation requirements are beyond what a small team can manage without bullying and inappropriate teaching slipping in and hurting people. I will not host a free-for-all. At any such time that we would open our doors again, there will be changes to ensure we’re here to grow in our creative journey together positively.

Archiving the group simply freezes activity. No posting or interaction will be possible, no new members may be added. Members may still be deleted, or leave freely. As a member you’ll be able to see this group, search for it and browse what is already here. It will not appear to non-members.

This group is not to be considered “done” and no one should be sending unsolicited invites to other members, including to invite to other groups. This is abuse of the community and not appropriate. Please write to me and report members who attempt this at [email protected] with their name as it appears here on Facebook.

We’re on pause. Let’s all take a long, deep, breath. Know that I love you each deeply and this decision has not come easily. In fact, it has been a painful choice I have fought hard to not arrive at. I’ve poured thousands and thousands of hours into this community over the past decade and while I have hit the pause button, it simply means I’m trusting God with our family story. In the coming month I pray God will cause a rebirth which makes us stronger and more beautiful than ever. As always, I will continue to pray for you.

As the founder of this community, I don’t want you feeling isolated and I do still run a thriving full time art ministry which serves those hungry to learn and grow in their creative journey with God. If you feel hungry to encounter Jesus through creativity and want to learn from me, I invite you to join my other Facebook group which is a space designed to share your experience in following my teaching which currently spans Bible journaling, prophetic art journaling and more. It is not appropriate to join unless you desire to engage with my lessons, but you are invited if this is of interest to you.

Stay connected with me and this art ministry. Absolutely NO private messaging me or my team. We cannot keep up with the volume and your message will be lost which would be sad. Instead, email me anytime, follow and subscribe on social media. Head to my blog and get on my email list to stay connected without social media algorithms getting in the way of our contact. This space may be on pause, but lets stay in touch and keep growing in our creative journeys together.

You are loved,
Rebekah R Jones x”


Supporting This Ministry

How can I support your art ministry while shopping online?

Thanks for asking! See my disclosure to learn how this works and where you can shop while supporting this art ministry.

How can I support your ministry while shopping in the UK?

Thanks for asking, I appreciate your support! As you can imagine, there is a lot of work and time needed to manually add links to my blog. This prevents me from adding UK links to each post. However, if you would like to support my art ministry, you can click on this Amazon UK link here before you begin shopping and then everything added to your cart within 24 hours and subsequently purchased within 90 days, will be credited to me. Since I live in a small town, I buy many of my supplies on Amazon. If you see a product I’ve shared on my blog, you’re likely to be able to search for it on Amazon UK and find it there.

How can I support this ministry on a monthly basis?

After lots of requests, I created a way for people support this ministry on a monthly basis, in a meaningful and connected way. I have a WONDERFUL group of Ministry Champions who partner with me in this art ministry, to help people encounter Jesus through creativity.

You can become a Ministry Champion for $5+ per month and quit any time. It’s a great way to connect better with me in our private facebook group.

Learn more here:




Can I share online what I’ve learned from you or been inspired by?

If you have learned from or been inspired by me and are sharing what you’ve created as a result, please let people know that you learned from or were inspired by Rebekah R Jones and provide a link to my blog ( with your post.

It’s the kind and appropriate thing to give credit where due and I appreciate your support in helping me spread the word about this ministry’s impact on you. Please see my other question and do not share my own work, which is under full copyright, without my express written permission. This includes sharing my original photos which inspired your work. Thank you for complying.

Can I share your content or photos?

I work incredible hard providing great content and ask that you respect me, by not stealing my work either to share with credit, or claim as your own.

Please be kind and do not share any of my fully copyrighted content and photos, without first obtaining my written permission. You may contact me with requests.

Can you offer some tips for starting my own art ministry?

That is wonderful! Everyone’s journey is different so I can’t speak directly into your situation without knowing the details, but I can offer some general thoughts which may help.

Firstly though, if you’re asking because you’re inspired to create a ministry similar to mine, please check out my other faq titled, “I’m inspired by your ministry…” which is in this same faq section. Then, on to my general thoughts…

  1. We were each created with a calling which no-one else can fulfill. Find what you can offer the world around you and then think of ways you can best use your strengths to offer it. Maybe it’s painting and selling your encouraging work, local workshops, study groups, one-on-one support or other creative ideas. Just ensure you operate out of your strengths, which will allow you to give your best. The key is to find the right fit for your gifts and skills, as well as what others are hungry for you to offer.
  2. Speaking of giving your best, make sure you don’t confuse putting God first and putting ministry first. Ever heard that old saying which says our priorities aught to be… God first, then yourself, then spouse, family, friends and lastly work. It is SO easy for people to confuse doing ministry as ministering to God. In reality, ministry is work unto the Lord and should never be put before personal relationship with God, yourself, family or friends. When we keep these priorities, God sustains us and helps us learn how to balance a way to meaningfully give of ourselves in ministry.
  3. Rather than waiting until you have everything set up and ready to go before starting, find a place where you’re able to start offering with excellence, without having reached perfection. Excellence is important and perfection never arrives. Just get started and do it unto the Lord. Everything else will fall into place along the way.
  4. Love yourself. Please hear me out. If you burn yourself out trying to run a ministry, you will cease to be any good to anyone around you. Take care of yourself. Rest enough, enjoy life and enjoy what you do. Create a ministry which breathes life into you, rather than creates a burden for you. If you do this, others will be blessed by you being able to minister out of a place of refreshment and enjoyment of life. Everyone prefers to hang out with someone who is loving life. So, create a ministry that you love to be in and never becomes a burden which others can detect. The result will be a happier and more refreshed you, reaching more people with your message.
  5. Lastly, personal breakthrough comes before corporate breakthrough. Whatever we lead in, should be something we have personal breakthrough in first. A math teacher must learn math first, in order to teach it and we must gain spiritual and personal breakthrough in whatever we feel led to teach. Find what God has helped you overcome and find what you thrive at, and look for ways to package that into a sustainable ministry which can bless others, while continuing to bring you life.

Do you donate supplies?

I do not donate and there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly, I need to have on hand, supplies which I do and do not want, to demonstrate properly while teaching online. This means I rarely have supplies to get rid of. Secondly, when I do have supplies to get rid of, I set them aside to get ready for a fun “lovingly used by me”, supplies giveaway. This ensures I’m looking after those engaging with me.

I’m inspired by your ministry and want to start something similar!

I am honored that you’re inspired! Thank you. Can we be practical about this together for a moment? I want to ask you to set your inspiration aside and consider if you’ve got the time to do what you’re suggesting and also the funds to sustain yourself while you do.

I work 40-70 hours per week and this is my full time job in this art ministry. I also started working full time while making no money and have worked hard just to support my family, while also needing to invest a large portion of any earnings back into this ministry to help it succeed. Let’s be real, supplies and equipment don’t come cheap! 😉

This ministry IS wonderful, inspiring and thankfully impacting lives, but it also requires a TON of invested time and money. If this is more than inspiration and you’re feeling led by God, here is my request…

  1. Please do not use the Bible Art Journaling Challenge (or similar) name, to title your project. I would greatly appreciate you valuing the hard work I’ve put into helping people on my blog with this project. You can do this by coming up with your own unique project instead of a version of what I’m currently offering.
  2. After months of prayer and preparation, I started with a unique idea which I hadn’t seen elsewhere and really fit my style, gifts and skills. The idea was of creating devotionals on my blog and YouTube channel, which had both spiritual teaching and creative tutorials included, with a finish of challenging people to go and create using the same devotional scriptures I’ve taught with. Please do not simply copy what I’m doing, with your own twist on it. I say this for you, me and everyone else.
  3. I encourage you to ask God to lead your inspiration into helping you create something that uses your unique talents, gifts and calling, to the best of your ability. There is room for all of us in this community and I believe it will serve us all best, if we don’t duplicate versions of each others hard work and instead formulate what God has designed us each to be the very best at. You’ve got something to offer the world that I don’t have. Find it and use it for God’s glory with your own unique style, gifts and skills.


About Rebekah

I can’t seem to place your accent. Where are you from and where do you live?

You are perceptive! I spent the first 25 years of my life in Oregon and California in the United States, before meeting my British gentleman and following him to England where we’ve been for over a decade.

Along the way I put my hand on a Bible and swore to protect the Queen with my life as part of a ceremony to naturalize as a British citizen. I even had one chance to pass my “Life In The UK test” (which was too hard for my born-in-Britain friends)!

I now hold two passports and have to travel with both whenever entering or leaving either of my countries! God truly enlarged my tent. Americans often ask if I am British now, while Brits ask if I am Irish. Depending how long I’ve been standing in one of the countries, my accent sways considerably. Watch my videos to see what I mean. I think my accent my be lost in the Atlantic somewhere!

I heard you were dramatically healed after being bedridden. Where can I learn about your story?

Yes! I was healed by God after being bedridden for 2 1/2 years at the end of an 18 year increasing illness. After prayer, I woke up healed the following morning. You can read my story over the course of a few posts. I recommend you read them in order of date I released them, to read the story as I unfolded it and I pray it encourages you in your own journey. See my healing posts, to read the story.

I feel like we could be great friends! Is there a way to connect more with you?

I am so blessed by all the wonderful connections God helps us make. The best way to connect with me is to like my Facebook Page and chat with me in the posts there! I’d love to see you there. I do get a lot of requests to become “Facebook friends”. While I would love to add every new friend request, it is not feasible or allowed by Facebook rules. I follow Facebook protocol and keep my personal profile “Facebook friendships”, reserved for longtime personal friendships and have a Facebook Page for those who I’m enjoying connecting with as a result of this art ministry. I am active there and it is a great way to connect.

If you want to follow me more personally, you are welcome to follow my personal Facebook profile where I sometimes share public posts of personal interest, which you can comment on and interact with also. And don’t forget, I love seeing your comments on my blog posts here too! I read each one.


*If you do not see an answer to your question above, I recommend you search my blog for an answer and then contact me if you still have a question.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

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