Illustrating Bible Supplies Test – Watch The Results

Illustrating Bible Supplies Test
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Hey friend! I’ve had SOOO many questions about the Illustrating Bible. The paper is 75% thicker than traditional Journaling Bible paper. It seems natural that I should do an Illustrating Bible supplies test with the favorite supplies we all love and/or want to use for Bible journaling. Last week I did a full Illustrating Bible video review. Earlier this week I went on to create a Journaling Bible Paper Thickness video which many of you found really helpful. Yesterday I tested 86 pens in the Illustrating Bible and today, we’re looking at an Illustrating Bible art supplies test!

An Illustrating Bible Art Supplies Test

In this post, I’ve got a video, supplies linked and a free download so you can test your own art supplies in whatever Bible you have! Let’s get started with this Illustrating Bible supplies test! Below I’ll

link the supplies which I can recommend after this testing. This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, this art ministry gets a small commission, with no extra cost to you. You may read my full disclosure, for details. Thank you, I appreciate you partnering to help impact lives!

The Illustrating Bible

First though…. if you’re wondering what the Illustrating Bible is…

The Illustrating Bible was created as the worlds first spiral bound Bible, with 75% thicker paper than traditional Journaling Bibles and twice the margin space for creativity. I have to say, there is a LOT to love about it. It is entirely to be considered an “investment” in your spiritual growth. It’s on the more expensive side with so much packed into it, but I believe the price is quite comparable when you stack it against other Bibles around the same price. So, it’s not for everyone, but it will serve many in their creative spiritual journey with God and I’m personally very impressed with it. I only recommend what I believe is good value and that I honestly love. This Illustrating Bible fits into that nicely.

If you’d like to learn more or want to order the Illustrating Bible and support this art ministry while you do, you can click this link:

Illustrating Bible


I hope you find this post and video a great guide!

But, you need to get out your own Journaling Bible and test the supplies you have! I’ve created a free download which you can trace into your Illustrating Bible (or any Journaling Bible if you shrink it!), if you’d like the same title on your tester page as me.

Click here to get the free download!

Why not grab a hot drink, your Journaling Bible and supplies and let’s get started! Don’t forget all the supplies I tested and can recommend are below and remember… test them in your own Bible first. It’s just good practice and especially if you want to use these in a different Journaling Bible, which has thinner paper. Let’s get started…

Let’s look at the Illustrating Bible supplies test results…


Illustrating Bible Supplies Test Results

As I showed in the video, here is what I finished with, leaving myself room for a few extra supplies. I did not test Distress Oxides because the ink doesn’t tend to dry properly over time in Bibles. I didn’t want it to cause problems in my Bible. I only tested supplies in this post, which I would use, for the most part. The wet inks are where you need to use the most caution. Something about what they contain and how fluid they are, has a real impact on Bible pages. Ultimately though, the question has been about whether we have to page prep in the Illustrating Bible.

Illustrating Bible Supplies Test

Although the page doesn’t bleed or shadow as badly with some of the art supplies as it would in a traditional Journaling Bible, there is a valid need for page prep, even in this 75% thicker paper.

Illustrating Bible Supplies Test

Illustrating Bible Supplies Test – What To Know

The Illustrating Bible supplies test revealed what I expected… that while the paper is thicker, page prepping a Bible page is less about the thickness of the paper and more about the chemical structure of the supply we apply to the paper. I go to great lengths about this all in my Page Prep course but in short here…

Each art and craft supply is designed to work well on particular surfaces. Some can work on just one surface, some on a few surfaces, others on many surfaces. But, not all supplies can be catered to on the same paper. That is why I developed the page prep technique in the first place. It means we can break the mould and make so much more possible!

We don’t have to be bound by the paper limits. In the Illustrating Bible, there is much to be pleased with! I think it is well worth buying. But I also feel that it would be limiting to consider this purchase to be all about avoiding bleed through. Page prep can handle that job. Let the other features be worth it to you.

I love how much more sturdy the Illustrating Bible paper is with watercolor. It wrinkles less. But, I still plan on page prepping, because it not only opens up creative possibilities, but also means that the back side of a Bible page can handle creativity without “drinking” the color from a previous entry. Page prep just makes practical sense. Is it required? No! It is your Bible after all. But, I’m going to keep doing page prep even in this Bible and also love that the thicker paper doesn’t buckle as easily under all the creativity.

Ultimately, the Illustrating Bible so far to me, seems to be wonderful for laying flat, showing less shadowing of creativity on the back side of pages and those huge margins of space. 


Illustrating Bible Supplies Test Winners

Let’s look at the supplies I can recommend for use in this Bible after the Illustrating Bible supplies test. I am sure I will test more supplies in the coming months, but for now, this is a massive list of supplies you can enjoy. Remember though, that all of these don’t promise to avoid bleed through. They promise to be safe in your Bible over time. The bleed through issue is a matter you can read the rest of this post for. Or… just take my Page Prep course and then you’ll truly not have limits. 😉


I hope you’ve found this Illustrating Bible art supplies test super helpful! If you wish I would show how this all works in traditional Journaling Bibles, that is something I have already covered in great length over in my Page Prep course. I do mean in full length. Every art supply you can imagine using in your Bible, has a full tutorial and explanation in the course… not to mention all the spiritual foundations lessons (which are the best part!).

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Click here to get the free download!

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