Bible Art Journaling Challenge Week 34 Notice

Bible Art Journaling
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Hey friends! Quick notice.

You may know that last week, I mentioned in my Bible Art Journaling Challenge, that I’d be continuing the theme on rest today. After some thought and prayer, I’m going to take that seriously and postpone the challenge until late Thursday, to practice what I preach with some much needed rest of my own. The video is ready to share and I’m looking forward to finishing my blog post! This week, I’ve gone all things pink!

I’m off now to go get some rest with a cup of tea, my Bible and art supplies at our local, “Crafty Teacup”. 🙂 You might just see what I’m up to over on my Instagram account @RebekahRJones.

I’d encourage you to join me in looking after yourself in some way these two days! Let’s live refreshed so we can change the world from a place of overflow! Love you all and see you Thursday!

You are loved,

Rebekah R Jones x

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