At Long Last… What’s In The Making For 2016!

What's In The Making For 2016!
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Hello everyone! At long last, I have spare time to sit and share about what is coming in 2016! I have been inundated with requests for this and am so grateful for your patience and support while I was traveling last month and am still catching up.

I know many of you want to hear about the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. If it will continue in 2016, how it will look if it does, etc. etc. Let me put your mind at ease and say that the Bible Art Journaling Challenge WILL continue in 2016! And, it WILL remain free. But, it WILL ALSO look different than it has in 2015. And for how it will look, you’ll have to keep reading. 🙂 I want to share a few things with you, before we get to that detail. I know you’ll want to hear about these things and it will all make better sense in this order. It is clear you want more from me and after much prayer and planning, I’m excited to share!

My heart

Firstly, let’s talk about my heart for this art ministry. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I run more than one creative ‘project’. The Bible Art Journaling Challenge is sort of the baby in my creative family and my Door Of The Day photography series, I guess, is my side-kick. 🙂

One of the largest art ‘projects’ I run, which I founded in 2008 is Prophetic Arts for Jesus, a Facebook Group, (community really). It now has thousands of members from across the globe, featuring thousands of photos of prophetic art and is the largest community of its kind online. What is prophetic art? In my own words, in my post on prophecy and the creative community

As far as I am concerned, prophecy must build people up, encourage them and draw them to Jesus. Prophecy delivered in a creative manner, should follow these core values and together, we can create a safe place for people to encounter God, draw near to Him and become the very best version of themselves through edification and encouragement they receive.

Have a look at my post on prophecy and the creative community to learn more of my thoughts on prophetic art and what it is.

My heart is to support people in encountering Jesus through creativity. Anything I do in my art ministry, must support that vision. With that in mind, I need to add more to what I offer, than I could in the past. For many years I’ve had some projects tucked in my heart and it is time for some of them to come to life in 2016. This year I’ve also had growing requests for particular things which I want to do well at responding to as I am able.

When I launched the Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I knew it would consume a lot of time. I guessed it would be more than I could imagine. And, it has been even more than that. Each challenge with its tutorial and devotional, takes an average of 16 hours to create, film, edit, record, photograph, blog and share. After that there are usually several countless hours supporting the questions relating to its release and then the development of what will come next. It is a full time project doing it weekly and I’ve loved it all.

When I got to August and began developing an upcoming class for, I was working an average of 70 hours per week through the end of November. That alone explains why I am only just writing this blog post. Rest had to be taken when it could be found along the way. I am excited for the class to become available in early 2016. It is going to be free on their website! Be sure to sign up for my emails, if you want me to let you know when it becomes available! The long hours and hard work will be so worth it. I really believe God is going to use the class to help people encounter Jesus in a beautiful way.

Dreams to make a reality

There are a couple of things I have wanted to do for several years now and am excited to begin in 2016.

The first is to create online art courses which will support people like you, in encountering Jesus through creativity. I’ll talk about the second one in a bit.

Yes, I offer individual videos on my YouTube channel, which is great to be able to continue to do. But, having online art courses will enable anyone with internet, to learn with a more in depth and useful process. Instead of one video quickly touching on several things, I’ll have time to teach things in ways which will hopefully support you more fully.

I am open to invites for workshops and retreats in the later part of 2016, so feel free to contact me if interested. However, I want to focus the earlier part of the year, on creating art courses which will finally give answers to questions I get from all over. I want everyone to be able to access more in-depth teaching from me and online courses are a great way to achieve that.

I want to start with art courses which cover some basic techniques and questions everyone needs and wants from me. In time, I’ll offer devotional specific courses too. My first online art course which I will offer in the new year, will be a totally free mini course, focused on taking the mystery out of choosing and using supplies, for Bible art journaling. An answer to the vast amount of questions I get about this. My second course will be focused on page prep for Bible art journaling. All of my favorites, tips, tricks and secrets laid bare. Another highly requested topic. I want to create art courses which answer questions that in turn, allow people to not get hung up on technical matters and instead enjoy the flow of creativity as it comes.

Will you give me feedback in the comments below? Am I on track with my first course choices? Are these what you want from me? What would you like me to teach an art course on after that? 🙂

Full time art ministry

It is no secret how I am able to be full time in this art ministry. I always try to remain transparent and hope this helps you trust me in this journey together. I have amazingly wonderful patrons on Patreon who chip in $1+ per month, to partner with the vision of this ministry and it all amounts to be incredibly helpful collaboratively. All of that money goes directly back in to supporting the growth of this art ministry. Art supplies I teach with, cameras, equipment, software and online programs, all cost money and I am grateful to partner with those who believe in impacting lives through creativity. You are welcome to hop over to my Patreon account, where you can see me in front of the camera on my video, where I share my heart there and what it’s about.

A bit more of my income is from affiliate commissions. These are earned when you click on the product links I share, to start your shopping at and I am partnered with them and make a tiny commission off each purchase you make, after clicking my links to shop there. Some of my blog followers actually hop onto my blog and click on any or link, before doing their regular shopping on those sites, which means I get supported while they do life at no extra expense. I am so grateful that many of you find ways to partner with me through giving and personal shopping, so I am able to keep pursing this vision full time.

The income I gain from affiliate commissions, additionally goes back into growing this ministry and also helps pay bills, so I can focus all my time on helping people encounter Jesus through creativity. And when I say “all my time”, it really has been that this year. I am not afraid of hard work or long hours, when it builds a dream in my heart, that must be given wings to fly. I am also blessed to understand when it is time to hang my tools and rest.

When I was growing up, my grandma would take on commissioned painting work and sometimes spend months on a beautiful oil painting. One time she even painted a tiny detail under magnifying glass, of a couple enjoying a city view from a hot tub! It was a fun surprise for the client who had to be told, since they would have never recognized it with the naked eye! She did it for the sheer love of the art. She could take as long as she wanted on the piece, to ensure it was to the standard she would want. My grandpa was such a support of her creative passions, which I am beyond blessed to have in my own husband.

These days, I find myself pondering the season of my grandmas younger art life. Akiane Kramarik has some paintings which sell for over 1 million dollars. She can afford now to disappear to paint 6 months on 1 painting, as she does. I am fairly young in my so called art career, which requires me to work on projects which create a return of time invested, in a shorter period of time. This year, I created and released something new each week with the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. Next year, I expect to create art courses which will be a greater time investment, but provide even better value to you in the long-run. It is much like the difference between a 3 hour painting and a 3 month painting.

As I create art courses, I will charge for most of them, in order to allow myself the time to invest in them being valuable to you. I’d rather 100 took a course at an affordable rate, than 10 at a more costly rate. I will of course have a free course and the Bible Art Journaling Challenge will remain free and available, as well as my YouTube channel continuing. So, as you can see, while some of what I will offer will be for an affordable charge next year, I will continue to offer many free things as well. I hope that if the art courses I offer are something you would enjoy and benefit from, that you’ll support my art ministry by taking the course and in doing so, make it possible for me to keep making more!

Prophetic arts

Another thing I have wanted to do for several years, is to offer tutorials and teaching to support growth in the prophetic arts community. In 2016, I want to begin to create YouTube videos and blog posts for this purpose. I have invested myself in this community for 7 years now and I am excited about this project. I’m expecting to create 1 video and blog per month, where I’ll teach how to hear from God on a matter and then create what is on your heart. This might sound scary or exciting. I promise it will be more fun and more engaging than we both imagine! Listening in to God always is and creating with Him is exhilarating!

I truly believe that there is a cross-over God is wanting to birth, between those who art journal in their Bibles, and those who create prophetic art. I feel like there will be a wonderful heavenly explosion as these two communities properly discover each other and I want to play a part in supporting this taking place.

I believe prophetic artists will begin hearing God more deeply, as they discover the art journaling process with the Word. And, I also believe Bible art journalists will corporately awaken to a deeper level of hearing God, as they more fully discover the prophetic art process. There is something beautiful and rich in both creative focuses and I feel like God wants to awaken hearts in a new way this coming year, which I’m excited to partner with!

I think that those who follow my Bible Art Journaling Challenge, will find both my prophetic art videos and my art courses to be a very exciting addition to what I am already offering.

In addition, I will be creating occasional short videos, which will focus on particular techniques or supplies, to help answer individual questions I get regularly.

Bible Art Journaling Challenge

Now, let me talk with you about the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. And, if you’re being sneaky and have skipped down to this section to read this first… I forgive your excitement, but please promise me you’ll read what is above. I’d like to take you on a journey with me and this is only part of the picture.

This year the Bible Art Journaling Challenge has exceeded ALL expectations. I am excited to report that people have found Jesus and come into relationship with Him, for both the first time and as a renewed commitment. Is there any greater miracle? Others have explained what can only be described as deliverance experiences, as old oppressions have lifted off of them. Others have reported physical healing, while even more have shared of emotional healing. Praise God! I began this project in hopes it would enrich your connection with God and support your spiritual growth in a creative and beautiful way. And, there have been a lot of reports of that happening, which fills me with gratitude to be part of your journey in some small way. Thank you for letting me into your life! What an honor.

If you have participated in the Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I’d love to hear testimony of any impact on you, your friends and family. What have you loved and what could have been even better? What has it looked like for you and how have you used it?

If you joined me later in the year or have not had time to participate in all (or any!), of the Bible Art Journaling Challenges which have been released, I think you’ll be happy to hear how I’ve got it set up. I designed it to stand the test of time and be relevant whenever someone may want to join me. All that is needed to consider yourself a participant, is to create using one of the scriptures associated to any week. There is no requirement to use the same art supplies or techniques I share. They are simply as a learning tool for those interested. You can find answers to most any question you may have, on the Bible Art Journaling Challenge page. It also has a full archive! Be sure to head over to our Facebook group and/or Google+ Community, to join and share any week you participate in, at any point. Are you one of those who will be starting in January to go through 2016 weekly, starting with week 1? There are several who plan to!

And what about next year? How will the Bible Art Journaling Challenge look moving forward? Many of you have said that you want to go back and try to do challenges you have missed, or just want to start from the beginning. I want to give everyone a chance to catch up with me in 2016. Instead of the Bible Art Journaling Challenge being weekly again next year, they will be on the 1st Thursday of each month. This will give you time to go back and enjoy the full archive of challenges, which will remain available for free on my blog, and it will give me needed time to invest in a wider range of what I can offer you. This may come as a disappointment to you that I’ll not be providing these weekly. I can only hope you’ll keep in mind the excitement of what this will allow me to offer you, with the free time I’ll have available to me! I cannot express my excitement well enough in words here! I also have it on good authority that my super supportive husband is pretty excited to see a bit more of me next year! 😉

So what does all this mean in practicality?

Starting in January 2016, you can expect a new free Bible Art Journaling Challenge each 1st Thursday of the month, all year long. The first year of weekly Bible Art Journaling Challenges will remain free and available on my blog. You’ll always find the full archive, on my Bible Art Journaling Challenge page.

Starting in March 2016, each 3rd Thursday of the month, I will share a tutorial and teaching on my blog and YouTube channel, to invest in your prophetic arts growth.

During January and February, I will feel a little “missing in action” as I work super hard on the first couple of art courses I’ll be releasing. I promise it’ll be worth it and I’m so excited to share them with you! To feel more connected, I’d encourage you to be sure to follow me on social media, (YouTubeFacebookInstagram), where I’ll be sharing as the fun unfolds. In January, I will be releasing my Giant Art & Craft Supply Haul video… all 217 items! So, be watching out for that. 🙂

As I sit here, Christmas Eve is tomorrow, there is 1 Tuesday left in 2015 and I have 3 Bible Art Journaling Challenges to share still. While I will just have to see how things work as I seek to balance family life, holiday time and creating… I am sure you can see why it would be useful for me to finish all of the challenges before the year is finished. I’ve got lots of exciting projects next month which need my attention. You may see more emails from me as the year ends, than is usual, while I work to share what I can in these remaining days of the year and balance that with Christmas and New Year. I am excited to finish this year and move ahead with a new one!

Because of the shift in how my schedule will look next year, I’ll be writing some extra blog posts now and then, simply to share my heart on various spiritual matters, as has been requested. I have several other things coming which I am excited to share with you, as the time is right in the coming months.

So, what do you think? I want to hear from you in the comments! Your feedback is important and valued. What are you most excited for me to do next year? What do you want from me? What sort of art course would you love for me to create? And, how has the Bible Art Journaling Challenge impacted your life this year? Will you be joining me in 2016? I sure hope so!

As I finish, I want to share with you, a short Christmas film by the church my husband and I call home when in America. Baby Jesus in the film is actually our friends baby boy. 🙂 I hope and pray you are filled with an abundance of God’s love, generosity and presence, as you remember His birth at this time. Merry Christmas!

You are loved. x

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