My 2 Biggest Bible Art Journaling Mistakes & What I’ve Learned From Them

My 2 Biggest Bible Art Journaling Mistakes & What I Learned From Them
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UPDATED: Dec 21, 2021

When I first started Bible art journaling, I soon realized what everyone does… I have A LOT to learn. Bible art journaling mistakes abounded. Of course, we all have a lot to learn about God, His Word and His ways. And that is what the focus of Bible art journaling is. But in this post, I’m just keeping it super practical.

The questions came at me from all sides. “How do I avoid bleed through in my journaling Bible?” “Which art supplies are prone to bleed through?” “Which art supplies are less archival?” “Which art supplies should never be used in a Bible?” “How do I layer lots of color in my Bible, without it bleeding through to the back of my Bible page?” “How do I make sure that my Bible art journaling is always transparent?” “Which pens are best to use in my Bible?” And on, and on, and on… the questions go.

Thankfully my years of experience with art supplies helped make my learning process a bit less painful than some are faced with. Even with that, I made Bible art journaling mistakes like we all can. I often get asked how to avoid Bible art journaling mistakes, before they happen. While it is impossible to avoid ever making any mistakes, today I want to share with you what I’ve learned from my biggest Bible art journaling mistakes.

My mistakes may surprise you and perhaps you might be able to somehow speed past them, because of what I can share with you today.

So here they are…

My two biggest Bible art journaling mistakes and what I’ve learned from them

MISTAKE NO. 1 – I stalled before I started Bible art journaling

When I first learned about Bible art journaling and when I actually started Bible art journaling, had a 3 month gap. I am guessing that if you’ve thought about Bible art journaling, or have even started Bible art journaling, you may have experienced that moment, (or that loooonnngg period of time), when the nerves try to set in. “What if I hurt my Bible!?!” “How do I honor God while creating in the Bible?!?” The questions and the nerves crowded my mind while I processed through how I felt about it all. Can you relate?

The moment I learned about Bible art journaling I was honestly SOLD on the idea. I knew it could have a real impact on my life. But learning about it and knowing that I would do Bible art journaling, is different to getting on with it. That is 3 whole months that I can never get back in my life, that I simply thought about Bible art journaling and did not just DO it.

WHAT I LEARNED – Ban perfection from your presence

When I took time to process through any hesitations I had about starting the Bible art journaling (which I was actually quite excited about), I found that a desire for perfection had found space in my life. I wanted to please God in my desire to worship Him through creativity in my Bible and had latched on to the lie, that He wanted perfection from me. In truth, God wants to be intimate with me. Do you have ANY friend in your life that prefers you to be perfect in their presence? The desire for perfection is an unhealthy perspective and keeps us from embracing the best we can have in relationship with God.

The solution to perfection truly is a simple one. Though admittedly hard to break away from, it is simple. We must ask God to show us where we feel inadequate. Where do we feel that we are insecure, or unsure of our true identity. Our value MUST come from God and His extreme passion for us. It must never come from a desire to impress. When God made you He said His creation was good. He is already impressed. We are nothing without God. But, with God, we are capable of much and truly beautiful.

We must face where the insecurity finds a root and break away from it. We must ask God to help us embrace the truth about who He says we are. Beautiful. Capable. Respectful of Him. In love with Him. He knows we want to honor Him through Bible art journaling and loves to watch us display our affection.

The day I started Bible art journaling, the mental battle was over. I will never stop Bible art journaling. My life will never be the same again. Connecting with God through creativity is life changing. If you are hesitating in any way with Bible art journaling, today is your day. Know that you cannot disappoint the God who already loves you so much that while you were still at your very worst, He sent His son Jesus to die on a cross for you. There is nothing you can do to make God love you less. You can only grow deeper in love with Him. Do it. You will never regret it.


MISTAKE NO. 2 – I hurt my Bible pages

Despite having grown up with a grandma who was a professional fine artist and a super crafty mom, I still have made tons of creative mistakes right on the pages of my Bible. I’ve had terrible cases of bleed through. I’ve smudged ink. I’ve used art materials and supplies on my Bible paper which wasn’t suitable for use on Bible paper.

Not having anyone to teach me how to create on the pages of my journaling Bible, cost me a lot in mistakes and money.

WHAT I LEARNED – You are loved regardless if your Bible art journaling looks good

Creative perfection is not the key here. The focus of Bible art journaling should ALWAYS be 100% on growing in God through creative time in the Word. I am also a firm believer that we should enjoy His presence. Enjoy Bible art journaling.

The problem so many face is that fear of actually hurting your Bible pages through lack of creative skill. I have had a pretty steep learning curve, but have been grateful to apply my previous skills to what I teach in Bible art journaling. Along the way, I invented and developed the “page prep” technique, which is where we can create a clear base on top of our Bible pages, before we create on them. Page prep acts as a sort of barrier to avoid bleed through and so much more. The trick is in the technique and what you use. Also, in knowing which art supplies should, or should not be used in our Bibles in the first place.

I’ve learned A LOT along the way. If you haven’t already enrolled in my Page Prep course, I’d encourage you to check it out. I’d love to have you join hundreds of other students on a 7 week journey of spiritual and practical foundations for Bible art journaling. I’ve worked SO hard on this online course. My heart has really been to create a way to allow you to stand on my shoulders and step past my learning curve. To step past the creative confusion and focus in on what matters, being transformed by the Word of God.

You can head over to to learn all about the Page Prep course. I will still keep having great free content on this blog and am excited to share this course, so I can offer you even better content that is full of support and classroom experience.


As I close this post, I want to remind you to ban any perfection from yourself, by learning your true value stands in God’s wonderful perspective of you and to know that you are loved with an everlasting love. x








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