My Prophetic Arts & Bible Journaling Interview with Theresa Dedmon on Create Talks

Rebekah R Jones Create Talks Theresa Dedmon Interview
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Theresa Dedmon invited me for an interview on her Create Talks show, while I was in California on February 1st, 2017. Theresa does live video interviews regularly on her Facebook Page with this Create Talks show, supporting the creative community. I was honored to spend some time sharing what God is doing in and through this art ministry.

I’ve shared the interview video replay with you below.

Theresa Dedmon

If you’ve not heard of Theresa Dedmon before, you’re in for a treat. You may recognize her popular book, Born To Create.

I first mentioned Theresa Dedmon on my blog, in my post on Prophecy And The Creative Community. It’s a post I ask all members of my Prophetic Arts for Jesus community to read, to capture the heart of who we are together.

Theresa Dedmon and I have been friends for about 15 years and it has been an honor to learn from her and watch all that God has done in her creative ministry over the years. She is a real catalyst who has helped activate so many into creative ministry around the world. As a person, she is tender hearted, gentle, strong and caring.

If you’d like to learn more about Theresa, you can do so here:

The goal of this interview was to share about how Bible journaling and prophetic art can change the world.

I hope this interview may give you some fresh insights into my heart for this ministry and excitement for the future. Grab a hot drink, find somewhere comfy and enjoy this 37 minute interview!

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Prophetic Arts

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Complete Guide To Bible Journaling bookBible Journaling

In the interview, I mentioned a new book that I have been honored to be a collaborator in, called The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling. The book is now available and I highly recommend it! There are so many great people who helped make the book happen and it’s full of great value.This ministry is supported when you purchase a copy HERE:


What is your response after watching this interview? Talk to us in the comments and give Theresa some love too!


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