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Bible Art Journaling
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Hello Everyone! It’s been six months since I started the Bible Art Journaling Challenge and my Bible is filling up with fun art and memories with God, and all of you! I’ve been asked several times to share a flip through of my Bible art journaling. Today, I’m sharing. Why? This week I’ve hit the amount of subscribers I wildly asked God for by the end of 2015, in six months!

On Tuesday this week, I shared about it on my facebook page and want to tell you about it here too and then show you a flip through of my NASB Note-Taker’s Bible, plus the ESV Journaling Bible I’ve started creating in lately too! 🙂

My facebook update

Here is what I said on my facebook page

Personal note…
My ability to dream big and be over-visionary is something those close to me, know about me. I OVER dream and have faith for ridiculous things and often see God do those impossible things. He is so good! So, this last Christmas morning, I laid in bed staring at the ceiling and dreamed BIG with God.

I decided to overshoot what I had faith for and throw caution to the wind. I told Him that in my wildest imaginations, I’d like to finish 2015 with 3,000 youtube subscribers (started at 0), and at least 10,000 website visits per month. I laughed at myself but told God He is the God of the impossible. From where I was sitting then, those figures were looking miraculous to achieve. Those who have blogs or youtube channels would understand. I dared not dream inside what I could achieve on my own.

I publicly went full time in this art ministry in January and six months in, I’m about to have those 3,000 youtube subscribers and last month I had 21,233 website visits which steadily increases. Over-dreaming is worth trusting God for. To have something grow this quick is really God’s doing and I am so grateful to throw my best at His purpose for my life in this season. What a treasure. I am blessed beyond words.

And now, I find myself dreaming bigger. In ways I am bursting to share about and could not have imagined up on my own. God owns this story and He is making it more beautiful than words. Thank you to everyone who is going on that journey with me. What fun!

Bible art journaling flip through

So… Thank you to everyone on this fun journey with me, of digging in to the Word and making it come alive to us in new ways! Enjoy my flip through and may it inspire you to join me on this God journey!

Bible Art Journaling Challenge

If you’d like to see any of the tutorials to any of the Bible Art Journaling Challenge videos I’ve created, you can always find them at the top of this blog website, where it says “Bible Art”. It used to say “Challenge”. I’ve changed it to ensure those new to my blog, know where to look, for what they’ve come to learn about.

Join me!

I’d love to have you join me when it suits you. Come and go as you please or do every challenge in whatever order you like! Just jump in to spend time connecting with a section of scripture for a week at a time and let it come alive to  you in new ways. As I mentioned, you can find answers to most any question you may have about the Bible Art Journaling Challenge over on my Challenge page found in the top navigation under the wording, “Bible Art”. It has a full archive of weekly tutorials! Be sure to head over to our Facebook group and/or Google+ Community, to connect in with the wonderful community! I’d love to have you join!

I've been filling two Bibles with art for six months and today I'm sharing a flip through of my Bible art! Join me! - Rebekah R Jones

Starting with Bible art

So many of you are joining right now. Perhaps because summer affords some of us more freedom with our time? I know, not all of you. Dedicated young moms with kids who are usually in school, may not have as much time. You are amazing! You’re investing in the next generation of world changers! Thank you.

If you want to join me or start creating in your Bible and aren’t sure what supplies to get, have a look at my Bible Art Supplies page for Bibles, art journals and art supplies I recommend for getting started with Bible art journaling. I receive a small percentage of each purchase when anyone clicks on my art supply links, to go get supplies I use like you see below, or on my YouTube videos. I only link to things I love or which come highly recommended. The small amount they give me, has no effect on you and collectively makes a real difference for me!

I am excited for you to get great deals on supplies anywhere, so you can join in on your budget. When you find deals which I’ve searched for and recommended below, I get supported. Thank you, I so appreciate your support which helps me provide these free tutorials for you!

Bibles ideal for Bible art journaling

There are several wide-margin Bibles I’ve seen recommended for art journaling, including large print versions. I’ve created a linked collection here to make your choice easier when looking for a Bible to art journal in. If you click on any of the Bibles, you will often be able to look inside to see the pages for yourself before purchasing!

I receive a small percentage of each purchase when anyone clicks on my links, like you see below. This has no effect on you and makes a real difference for me!

I really like my ESV Journaling Bible with faint lines in the 2 inch wide margin and cream paper color. I love my imitation leather, NASB Note-Taker’s Bible, which is free of lines in the wide and bottom margin with white paper. All give extra room for creativity.

You can also join in with a Bible you already have, or even an art journal like the art journals I recommend.

Click images to view art supply details or to purchase.

If you have not done so yet, be sure to join my newsletter on the right-hand side of this page, so you can be notified when I release new Challenges and other exciting creative things. And, please do share this with any friends you think might want to know about it.

Can you tell me in the comments below… what would you like to hear from me about next? 🙂

You are loved. x


Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

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