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Hello Everyone! As many of you know, I have been releasing a new blog post every Tuesday since the beginning of 2015 for my Bible Art Journaling Challenge. Today is Tuesday. I woke up early, working on the finishing touches to this weeks challenge. And then I had the sudden need for a nap before finishing.

This is strange for me. I’ve not had a nap in a long while and certainly not at 9am! I have long given up resisting such odd things in my life, as they generally are God trying to do something. And He was.

I woke up an hour later no more refreshed for having slept, but a word was stirring in my heart. It was so strong I decided to abandon finishing the challenge straight away to share it on facebook on my page and in the groups I admin. I’ll share it with you in a moment.

After prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to postpone my challenge this week until Friday in order to draw up a new challenge that can focus in on what I freshly feel God is wanting me to talk about this week. The thought of not releasing a challenge today after doing so a full 28 weeks in a row is a bit sad. But I know that you’d all rather I release a word in season and that is what is on my heart to prioritize.

I’ll share this weeks challenge on Friday and next Tuesday, things will resume as usual with the challenge I have on hold which is an exciting one! If you’re following my challenge, now might be a great time to go enjoy previous challenges you want to do!

Now, about that word burning on my heart today…

I’ve shared the following word on my facebook page and share it with you here.

I believe there is a key breakthrough available and I want to talk with you quickly about it. I’ve noticed an increasing theme popping up the past couple of weeks, in the facebook groups of creative people that I admin and am a member of. There seem to be many struggling with depression, isolation, creative blocks and other struggles which are keeping them from pursuing their creative gifting and call on their life.

Today I want to speak out against those things and speak to those of you struggling. You MATTER. You are NOT alone. God sets the lonely in a family and my groups are FULL of family to you. God has INCREDIBLE creative inspiration ready for you and He is NOT the author of sickness. He gives GOOD gifts to His children and you are HIS child.

Today you can silence the lies and step in to greater freedom in your life which can impact your creative journey in wonderful ways. God LOVES to embrace and look after us.

As an act of stepping in to God’s freedom, I want to ask you to do something simple now. Stand up and step over the imaginary line in front of you that may have been keeping you from your full calling and then tell God with your voice, that you welcome and receive His freedom and breakthrough for your situation. Then thank Him for coming.

In the coming weeks, if doubt knocks on your door, stop and take time to out-loud, thank God for the breakthrough. Praise Him. I believe today is THE day for some of you!

If you have responded to this today, I’d like to encourage you to comment below and let myself and those following this creative journey with me, know that we can stand with you in prayer as you trust God in action for that breakthrough you’ve stepped in to. I believe God is releasing a shift today and look forward to hearing about the breakthroughs you receive in the comments below.

Additionally, I want to finish by sharing another word I felt God share with me this past Sunday and shared on my facebook profile.

Today I saw a bridge being transported down the motorway. As I saw it, I felt like God said, He is giving people a bridge to walk over in this season. He is even bringing the bridge to you! If your life has had troubles in this season, it is time to get up and walk over the bridge. This takes your cooperation but He will provide the way to the other side. All you need do is follow His lead as you step in to a fresh season.

So! That is all my friends. Step over that line and step on to that bridge of breakthrough! You are not alone! Please do comment below and keep a look out for my Bible Art Journaling Challenge on this topic, Friday!

You are loved. x

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