How To Create A Whimsical Girl – Shonna Bucaroff Guest Post

Guest Post with Shonna Bucaroff on How To Create A Whimsical Girl
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Hey Everyone! I’ve got a sweet guest for you today… Shonna Bucaroff! She is going to teach you how to simply create a whimsical girl! No skill required. The creative possibilities are endless here and I’m excited to have her share with you today! You can create little illustrations in your Bible and on other projects as you express your creativity with God. And, you really don’t need previous experience to do this. A little practice using Shonna’s tips and you’ll be on your way! Be brave and believe in yourself. Today could be your first illustration, or getting even better than before!

Shonna is a self-taught mixed media artist and local art teacher in her home town of San Diego, California. She is also currently part of the His Kingdom Come team.

In my opinion, Shonna is possibly most known in the Bible journaling community, for her God’s Girls designs, like these in the His Kingdom Come shop…

His Kingdom Come God's Girls

That is not an affiliate link if you click on the image, I just want you to see and have access to Shonna’s designs. I’ve got the Truth stamp and it is sweet! You can see here what I did with mine while on holiday in Cornwall last year.

Guest Post with Shonna Bucaroff on Creating Whimsical Faith Girls

Simple but fun with a little page prep done before leaving the house and then only a stamp, acrylic block, Inktense pencils and water brushes to color it all up. Very relaxing time in the Word.

Learning creative things

See, I listen to you guys. I know that some of you who follow what I do, LOVE to create but don’t really know how or where to start. Grabbing a stamp from the God’s Girls collection is a great way to do that. They are also great for when you have limited time.

I also know there are those of you who REALLY want to learn a bit more and have asked for support in that.

I reached out to Shonna and asked if she would come and share a tutorial with you, on how to simply make your own whimsical girl. She is SO lovely and tender-hearted. I think you’ll just love her! I also think you’re in for a real treat learning how to make a whimsical girl. Shonna makes it easy to follow along with her and leaves you with some fabulous little tips that will improve your skills and give you more confidence as you create for God.

Shonna has generously poured her time and heart into this neat tutorial video for you and I hope you’ll pop into the comments below to give her some love and share your own thoughts about whimsical girls. I want to hear if you’ve tried creating them before, or if you’re going to start after this! Also, let’s fill the comments with ideas for themes etc, to use whimsical girls in Bible journaling and art journaling! The comments are such a great place to learn from each other as a community.

I’ve got a little supplies list for you below, in case you want to try out these ideas that Shonna will show you in the video she’s made. But truly, use what you have and practice without spending. I am certain you have a pencil somewhere and some basic paper. Enjoy the foundational basics of whimsical girl creation with Shonna and be inspired by what you can achieve with a little creative fun! You can totally do this. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!

Guest Post with Shonna Bucaroff on Creating Whimsical Faith Girls

With that, I’ll leave this post in Shonna’s creative hands…


In 2007, I became fascinated with drawing girls. I began to learn everything I could about drawing whimsical female figures. I took various online classes to learn how to draw and shade and then kept practicing. I love using girls in my art journal and now in my bible. I have even been able to make some of my drawings into stamps, so people can use them in their Faithart. In the past few years, I have really grown to love watercolors, so I use that medium often when coloring my girls.

In the following video, I will show you how to draw a simple girl, how to create a pattern for her dress and then color her with watercolor.

Supplies List

Here are the supplies featured in this lesson. All links lead to affiliate partners, Dayspring (DS), (SB), Amazon (AZ) and Simon Says Stamp (SSS), etc. Thanks for your support. Enjoy!

Rebekah here again… Isn’t Shonna sweet? And her whimsical girl?! I am excited to see what you create and hear your ideas in the comments.

You can find more from Shonna at the following websites:

Comment below and let us know if you’ve enjoyed this neat post! Give Shonna some love for me!

What have you learned? What are you going to go try out now?

You are loved x


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