Tapestry Of Life


Recently my friend wrote a blog post on owning our own story. About how we can’t give away what we don’t take ownership of. What in our own lives do we possess that others could benefit from? Our experiences in life are a crucial part of who we have become. How we respond to them are experiences that shape us as well.

What has shaped your life? Those experiences are a possession we own and can give others around us simply in everyday life. Each of us bring something to each other in friendships and relationships. Together, it all creates a tapestry of our life and our personal communities.

Lets not be fooled into believing that silly or “fun” experiences don’t enrich what we can bring others. We cannot be so foolish to believe that we must join a rat race of constantly bettering ourselves in order to have anything of value to offer. Those times are important but we must also remember, we were created to spend our lives in abandonment… not frustrate ourselves in the pursuit of perfection or be the sum of experiences of another. Each experience in our life adds value when we choose to grace it with character and wisdom. Additionally, taking joy in things we love should not be a secret affair. It is God’s pleasure to see us loving the life He created, with joy and abandonment. These fun times also add to who we are. Without them, we can run dry on what we have to give.

What experiences, hard times, good times and laughter have created what you have to add to the tapestry of your community life? We never can tell when our own experiences may lend a hand to those around us. Like my friend said, “own your story and start giving it away”. What you have matters.

Here are some random facts about me…

  • I used to show horses and have been trained to ride a cart behind a pony. I also had a pet chicken who waited for me to come home from school every day.
  • My dad once found me at the bottom of our hot tub in my Sunday best at two years old.
  • I’ve been honored to stand next to various people as they were miraculously healed of stage four cancers, being blind, being deaf, having epilepsy, back problems and many other cases. The miracles were medically verified. God is love.
  • I started writing essays for fun at age twelve and enjoyed homeschooling for nearly seven years.
  • I nearly went to school to get qualified as an interior designer and decorator like my grandma. I love helping decorate other people’s houses so I can help make their own style come alive.
  • At age six, I sewed my first piece of clothing and my grandpa accidentally punched my first tooth out.
  • I once was without food, asked God for provision and a $50 bill miraculously appeared with witnesses to prove it. I ate. Another time it was 11pm and I needed $300 by 7am the next morning. I reminded God of His promises and woke early to money for me under the doormat from someone who I’d never heard of but they, “had to come leave $300 for me”. God provides for His kids.
  • I learned my love of cooking on the kitchen counter top, very young and started making family meals at eleven when my mom was bed-ridden awaiting my sisters arrival.
  • I had my first business at age nine, selling uniform matching hair scrunchies and bows making over $200. I sewed them all myself.
  • I dedicated over six years of my life to teaching youth about sexual purity and relationships in everything from schools, youth organizations and high security juvenile prison.
  • I took five years of piano lessons as a child yet sadly never learned to read music properly.
  • I co-authored a curriculum for schools on youth anger management.
  • I’ve sung in Carnegie Hall (NYC), where Julie Andrews once sang.
  • I’ve been to Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Norway, Wales and across both the United States and England. I want to visit every country of the world before I die.
  • I’m a citizen of two nations and have lived in eight very different towns/cities.
  • I leaned far out of a bus window in Zimbabwe to take a picture in the dark, of a lion in the wild. I lived to tell about it to the surprise of my bus mates.
  • I used to live on a farm right in the middle of the city. The dream life for a teen girl – horses out back and a shopping mall five minutes away.
  • As a child, I secretly dreamed of being an ice figure skater while watching Tanya Harding skate at her home rink in my shopping mall. The dream finished for us both.
  • I used to swing dance – a lot. My favorite place was on the spring loaded floor at the ballroom downtown.
  • I get openly annoyed when people give me nicknames or spell my name wrong. My name is Rebekah, not Becky, Becca or Beks and certainly not Beccaroo! I paid to legally change, (on oath) from my birth spelling of Rebecca, to Rebekah in order to match the Bible. Thanks for caring. ;-)

What about you? Care to share any random facts about yourself below? I’d love to hear!

You are loved,


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