Rebekah R Jones Ministry Update No. 2

Full Time Art Ministry
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My grandma told me a beautiful story recently. She’s been a missionary in Mexico for over 60 years. When I was growing up, my grandparents would come back to the States and be with family, tend a beautiful garden and rest, before going back and serving. The ministry has been responsible for helping 3 generations of people find Jesus, who were previously unreached in the Cora mountain villages. I have always loved hearing the incredible stories of people learning about Jesus and then growing up to help spread His truth. I feel grateful for such a heritage in my family that continues to this day.

Anyway, my grandma told me a story about how she had enjoyed these beautiful flowers and wanted to plant some to be enjoyed at the ministry base in Mexico. She took some seeds with her and planted them.  When the heat came, the plants couldn’t stand the temperatures and within a short time they had all died. Just like her determined missionary self, she decided to investigate if there was another way these plants might be able to withstand the heat.  She found a way and went to work planting all of the seeds in a cooler climate. Then, when the plants were more mature, she took cuttings from them and brought them with her to Mexico to plant. Those cuttings then grew up to become plants that are hearty, able to withstand heat and bloom almost year round!

Now, there are a ton of life messages this true story could be applied to. For me, it speaks to [click to continue…]