Bible Art Journalists Roundup Interview Ep. 2

Bible Art Journalist Roundup Interview Episode 2

Hello everyone! I’ve got an incredibly special treat for you today! Grab a coffee or tea and enjoy Episode 2 of the Bible Art Journalist’s Roundup Interview!

“Episode 2?” Yes, back in May 2015, I did the very first Bible Art Journalist Roundup Interview with 7 lovely ladies… Shanna Noel, Jann Gray, Heather Greenwood, Natalie Elphinstone, April Crosier, Lisa Montgomery and Valerie Sjodin!

That round up interview has easily been one of the most popular posts on my blog to date. I realize you want more of what you love and so, I’m turning this into a series! I’ve so enjoyed putting Episode 2 together and getting to know these sweet ladies. You’re going to love this! I will release a new roundup interview episode every 2-3 months or so (as time permits), for this foreseeable future. Sign up for my emails if you want to be notified when these happen.

Today, I’ve got 5 amazing women to share with you… Lauren Lanker (Thinking Closet), Melissa Fischer (Fischtales & RuthOneSixteen) and Sara (Seasons Illustrated), as well as Michelle Hotchkiss and Brigitta Litfin. Some of these ladies you may recognize, some may be new to you. That’s half the fun of this! The other half is in what they have to say. [click to continue…]