2015 Bible Art Journaling Challenge


I have some exciting news about an upcoming creativity challenge I’ll be launching which we are going to have so much fun with! First, have you heard of bible art journaling? People are buying wide-margin bibles and dedicating them as a place to creatively engage with the Word of God. Those who feel they have little creative experience, (or plenty) and a hunger to know God more, are finding deeper places in their time with Him. We are not talking about disrespecting a bible here. We are talking about finding scriptures which speak most to us on a page, and then creating something which makes the point beautifully. We’re talking about God revealing His Word to us, and us taking a bit of time to create a sort of remembrance stone… something in which we can remember how He spoke to us with His Word that will be there to even pass on to other generations. Interested? It’s [click to continue…]