Prophecy And The Creative Community

Prophecy & The Creative Community

I am honored to lead the worlds largest online community of creatives, hungry to spread the love of Jesus through the arts. There are tens of thousands of members, representing at least 60 worldwide countriesProphetic Arts for Jesus in the Prophetic Arts for Jesus facebook group. We have grown a lot both in size and beauty, since I founded the group in late January of 2008.

With a name like Prophetic Arts for Jesus, as the title of our creative community, the subject of prophecy is a key topic which underpins who we are as a group of individuals. With so many countless people who call themselves a follower of Jesus, there are bound to be many understandings of what prophecy is, or should look like in action. All the more complex in a creative setting! So, how do we as a diverse body of people, come under the same roof in our creative community, and live out this key topic with a sense of unity? And just WHAT should [click to continue…]