I’ve got a hearing loss / deafness. How can I watch your videos?

Firstly, I’m sorry to learn about this!

When you are watching a YouTube video of mine, click the “CC” in the bottom right of the video, to turn on Closed Captioning in English. In my opinion, YouTube have done a pretty good job of detecting what I say in videos and this should help you. This feature was added a few weeks after my first video was published. After those first few videos, all should have this CC feature as I have it turned on automatically for my channel.

Closed Captioning does not work during live streaming sadly, but you are welcome to take advantage of replays when they are available, though live stream captions are a bit less accurate, so keep that in mind.

My online school hosts videos outside of YouTube. I need to pay to have closed captions put on the videos which is fairly expensive. I’ve put it on my list of goals though, because you matter to me and I pray to be able to afford it sooner than later! I’ll be sure to mention when this happens, to my email subscribers.