I’m inspired by your ministry and want to start something similar!

I am honored that you’re inspired! Thank you. Can we be practical about this together for a moment? I want to ask you to set your inspiration aside and consider if you’ve got the time to do what you’re suggesting and also the funds to sustain yourself while you do.

I work 40-70 hours per week and this is my full time job in this art ministry. I also started working full time while making no money and have worked hard just to support my family, while also needing to invest a large portion of any earnings back into this ministry to help it succeed. Let’s be real, supplies and equipment don’t come cheap! 😉

This ministry IS wonderful, inspiring and thankfully impacting lives, but it also requires a TON of invested time and money. If this is more than inspiration and you’re feeling led by God, here is my request…

  1. Please do not use the Bible Art Journaling Challenge (or similar) name, to title your project. I would greatly appreciate you valuing the hard work I’ve put into helping people on my blog with this project. You can do this by coming up with your own unique project instead of a version of what I’m currently offering.
  2. After months of prayer and preparation, I started with a unique idea which I hadn’t seen elsewhere and really fit my style, gifts and skills. The idea was of creating devotionals on my blog and YouTube channel, which had both spiritual teaching and creative tutorials included, with a finish of challenging people to go and create using the same devotional scriptures I’ve taught with. Please do not simply copy what I’m doing, with your own twist on it. I say this for you, me and everyone else.
  3. I encourage you to ask God to lead your inspiration into helping you create something that uses your unique talents, gifts and calling, to the best of your ability. There is room for all of us in this community and I believe it will serve us all best, if we don’t duplicate versions of each others hard work and instead formulate what God has designed us each to be the very best at. You’ve got something to offer the world that I don’t have. Find it and use it for God’s glory with your own unique style, gifts and skills.