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If you join our Facebook community, here are our few important guidelines every member must follow…

  1. When sharing a photo, PLEASE write in the text description which challenge you’re participating in, to help us not mistake it as an unrelated post. Perhaps label it… “HIC Lesson __” before sharing your thoughts. Thank you!
  2. Please only post artwork photos which relate to the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. All unrelated posts are sadly deleted. The groups were created as a community for participants and I appreciate you helping us remain relevant. If you see unrelated posts in the Facebook group, you can help by selecting the ‘v’ in the top right of that post and choosing to “Report To Admin”, so I can be notified.
  3. No sharing links or videos in posts or comments. No exception.
  4. Feel free to talk about supplies and techniques. It’s good to help each other out! Just remember, no links.
  5. Last but importantly, I have a policy in my social media groups, where no one is allowed to put their creativity down. What you create is personal, meaningful and beautiful. It is not measured by another persons standards and you are safe to grow and be loved. If you aren’t yet creating to a standard you dream of, let it spur you on, rather than bog you down in unfair expectations. Try looking for the beauty in what you’re not entirely satisfied with and let time and practice improve your skill. In this space, nobody is allowed to say they are not an artist. After all, we are created in the image of the greatest Artist of all time. We are bound to have some creativity waiting to be unleashed in us all. 🙂

*Anyone persistently not adhering to these guidelines are sadly removed from the group without notice. I appreciate your support to help us continue to thrive as a community.

*My moderators and I occasionally share links inside the group, to support your journey.