When a customer clicks to The Christianbook Group via a link of mine, the browsing session is activated. Each time that the customer clicks on the web site, the session is reactivated. The Christianbook Group will track merchandise purchases that a customer makes during the browsing session, so they can credit me appropriately.

The browsing session will remain active for four (4) hours after the last link is clicked on the The Christianbook Group website. If the customer leaves the The Christianbook Group website and returns within this four (4) hour period their browsing session will be reset and the customer will still be deemed a referral of mine, unless they returned through the links of another affiliate, co-branded site or other source tracked by  The Christianbook Group.

All items placed into the customer’s shopping cart during an active affiliate browsing session will be credited to me if items are purchased before the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date an item was placed in the shopping cart.

However, if they leave the site for more than 4 hours, do not click on the The Christianbook Group site to reactivate the clock, do not order products placed within an active browsing session within their cart and order within the 30 day limit, or leave the site and place the order from another computer, then any order placed will not be credited to me.

My commissions are…

  • All Physical Products………..8%
  • Digital Downloads and Media Access………………5%