Why can’t I watch your workshop whenever I want?

I’m glad you’re interested in a workshop of mine! My workshops are more premium than watching a YouTube video, but offered entirely free. 🙂

I record my workshops publicly live and then set them up to stream at various times of day… often with a freebie too! When you attend, you’re “in the room” with others all taking the workshop together! This means pausing isn’t possible, but offering workshops the way I do, gives the very best possible experience to you. You will however, be able to pause and skip to your hearts content in the replay which you’ll get access to shortly after your booked session has finished.

The good news is, once I have a workshop up and running, you can take it when you’ve got time!  Each workshop will have a different amount of time, some short and some longer. You’ll see the next 4 time slots when the workshop is running over the current and next day. If the dates don’t work for you, bookmark the workshop and come back when you’ve got time! The workshop times of day for streaming are the same each day of the week.

I encourage you to prioritize you and your friendship with God if you can by picking a time of any day in the week that you can attend (in the future if need be) and register on the current or day before, with the amount of time necessary to shut out distractions. Consider this a brief conference/workshop you’d register and drive to, where your phone would be off and it would be about receiving for a bit. I look forward to pouring into you!