Can you offer some tips for starting my own art ministry?

That is wonderful! Everyone’s journey is different so I can’t speak directly into your situation without knowing the details, but I can offer some general thoughts which may help.

Firstly though, if you’re asking because you’re inspired to create a ministry similar to mine, please check out my other faq titled, “I’m inspired by your ministry…” which is in this same faq section. Then, on to my general thoughts…

  1. We were each created with a calling which no-one else can fulfill. Find what you can offer the world around you and then think of ways you can best use your strengths to offer it. Maybe it’s painting and selling your encouraging work, local workshops, study groups, one-on-one support or other creative ideas. Just ensure you operate out of your strengths, which will allow you to give your best. The key is to find the right fit for your gifts and skills, as well as what others are hungry for you to offer.
  2. Speaking of giving your best, make sure you don’t confuse putting God first and putting ministry first. Ever heard that old saying which says our priorities aught to be… God first, then yourself, then spouse, family, friends and lastly work. It is SO easy for people to confuse doing ministry as ministering to God. In reality, ministry is work unto the Lord and should never be put before personal relationship with God, yourself, family or friends. When we keep these priorities, God sustains us and helps us learn how to balance a way to meaningfully give of ourselves in ministry.
  3. Rather than waiting until you have everything set up and ready to go before starting, find a place where you’re able to start offering with excellence, without having reached perfection. Excellence is important and perfection never arrives. Just get started and do it unto the Lord. Everything else will fall into place along the way.
  4. Love yourself. Please hear me out. If you burn yourself out trying to run a ministry, you will cease to be any good to anyone around you. Take care of yourself. Rest enough, enjoy life and enjoy what you do. Create a ministry which breathes life into you, rather than creates a burden for you. If you do this, others will be blessed by you being able to minister out of a place of refreshment and enjoyment of life. Everyone prefers to hang out with someone who is loving life. So, create a ministry that you love to be in and never becomes a burden which others can detect. The result will be a happier and more refreshed you, reaching more people with your message.
  5. Lastly, personal breakthrough comes before corporate breakthrough. Whatever we lead in, should be something we have personal breakthrough in first. A math teacher must learn math first, in order to teach it and we must gain spiritual and personal breakthrough in whatever we feel led to teach. Find what God has helped you overcome and find what you thrive at, and look for ways to package that into a sustainable ministry which can bless others, while continuing to bring you life.