If you click on an Amazon link I provide, Amazon will “cookie” your computer or mobile device (remember amazon affiliateyou), to ensure giving me credit where it is due. Anything (across the whole of Amazon), which you add to your shopping cart in the first 24 hours after visiting Amazon through any of my links, will earn me a commission; if any of those are then purchased within 90 days without being taken out of the shopping cart during that time.

My affiliate ID for is rebekahrjones-20 and for is rebekahrjones-21. Should a link of mine ever be missing this from anywhere in the link, I will not be given credit if you click that link.

Amazon UK affiliate partnerIn simple terms, the percentage per shopping cart item total purchase, which I am given a commission on, can fluctuate each month between 4-8.5% depending on the product category and overall monthly volume of purchases my links have achieved. The more individual products everyone collectively purchases using my links in a given month, the larger percentage Amazon pay when they total sales at the end of a given month.

Payments are given to me 2 months after a month end, in order to allow refunds of returns, which I would not still receive a commission on for obvious reasons.